Balance Ball / Yoga Ball Stretch Cover: Green Retro Vibe

Global Groove

Love your yoga ball, but can't get past how ugly it is?  Transform it with a designer yoga ball cover to accent your living space with design, without losing it's awesome functionality.  It's win-win.

Green shades in Retro Vibe design.

100% washable, all-natural cotton knit.  Fits 65 cm ball when inflated to 80" & 55 cm ball when inflated 68".  

All of our covers have a long zip which makes for an easy fit over your fully inflated ball.

NEW!  S-T-R-E-T-C-H cotton for easy fit. We use a high grade cotton knit, which makes this our premiere ball cover collection. Please note that our stretch cotton covers no longer feature a handle in order to protect the streamlined fit.


Made in Thailand

SKU: 2235

Collections: Yoga Ball Covers

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