Ball Covers FAQs

How to get the best fit....



We now include instructions and a length of cord to make measuring your ball easier.

We urge you to check the size of your ball as it is quite common for our customers to not inflate their ball to the specified size, especially 75cm balls as these are really big!

55cm, 65cm or 75cm is the height of the ball when correctly inflated but this is quite difficult to measure. A more accurate measurement is the circumference;

55cm ball (height); circumference = 68 inches

65cm ball (height); circumference = 80 inches

75cm ball (height); circumference = 92 inches

This is the size the ball needs to be for our cover to fit correctly. All of our covers are checked to fit a ball this size.

What are our covers made of?

All of our covers are 100% cotton and include a heavy weight YKK zip which wraps around 3/4 of the ball. This makes a close fit over a fully inflated ball possible.

Most of our covers are now made with non-stretch cotton but our cover pattern does allow for some give in the fabric. Our stretch cotton covers provide a little more flexibilty for inflation of your ball.

Who makes our covers?

Our covers are made by a co-op that we set up in Chom Thong, northern Thailand.  Get to know our producers in our bios section.




We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

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Custom Order Requests

Thanks for your interest in our ball covers. We don't do any custom orders for retail purchases but we do like requests and we take all requests into consideration when planning our future orders.