Fair Trade is an economic partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect. Our goal at Global Groove Life is to pass on these values to our customers by giving a personal introduction to our producers and the world that is behind our products.

Fair Trade is a growing international movement, which promotes fair living wages to producers in developing countries. Fair Trade is not charity; it is about paying artisans and farmers a fair price for their hard work, which is of course how all trade should be!

The Fair Trade Federation lists the following criteria to qualify a producer for membership:

  • Paying a fair wage in the local context.

  • Offering employees opportunities for advancement.

  • Providing equal employment opportunities for all people, particularly the most disadvantaged.

  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Being open to public accountability.

  • Building long-term trade relationships.

  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions within the local context.

  • Providing financial and technical assistance to producers whenever possible.

We believe that Fair Trade offers an attractive alternative for consumers – it puts people ahead of profits, and enables all of us to be more conscientious of our purchases as we work together towards a more humane and just world. Just as we are what we eat, we are also what we shop!   

Fair Trade purchases are a win-win situation for everyone. Consumers get beautifully handmade crafts and sustainably produced food items, while artisans and farmers receive steady fair wages and are given opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, put their children through school and maintain their cultural identity and dignity.

The Fair Trade Resource Network publishes a list of FAQ’s that might help to answer some of your questions.


Meet the artisans

 Today Global Groove Life partnered co-ops represent four different hill tribes: Karen, Lawa, Hmong, and Akha. It is not uncommon to hear up to four different languages in the Global Groove workshop. Together we communicate in Thai. Together we laugh. Together we work. Together we sing. Together we build the Global Groove Life story.

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