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Global Groovin'

Loi Krathong
Loi Krathong

November 08, 2017

It was a magnificent sight. The calm, dark waters under the moonlight were lit by the endless concourse of drifting, twinkling candle lights - each one magically carrying with it a prayer and wish of the person who cast it off. Lanterns danced like fireflies in the sky above, making the dense blackness glow with a thousand hopes and dreams. The glittery sparks of fireworks flared nearby. People smiled, people sang, people danced. Up in the streets, hordes of people jostled each other, fighting with their elbows for the 'best' spot for the 'best' photo. Fireworks exploded - a little too close for comfort - the sharp sound adding to the mounting excitement. Motorbikes deftly wove through people and traffic,...

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