How to Get the Best Fit for Your Yoga Ball

Fitting instructions:

Use the pre-cut string provided with your ball cover.  The string should wrap around the circumference (the middle of the ball) snugly without any extra length for a correct fit.

To double check you have purchased the right size:

Our strings are cut to 68” for a 55cm ball, 80” for a 65cm ball and 92” for a 75cm ball.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 55cm ball covers will fit the 52cm balls sold with some ball chairs. 

Now place the full circular piece of fabric at the top of your ball. This is the end WITHOUT the plug.

Wrap the cover around the ball gathering loose fabric towards the zip and then start closing the zip while continuing to smooth out loose folds of fabric towards the zip. When you get close to closing the zip completely, you may have some room to inflate your ball a little more for the most snug fit possible.­­

Once your ball is all dressed up, it’s show time!  We, here at Global Groove Life, love seeing how great your new ball cover looks in your space, so post a photo of your new look on Instagram and tag us @GlobalGrooveLife  ---Can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you for supporting Fair Trade with your purchase!

*Hand Wash*Line Dry