A smile is the same in every language!

Global Groove Life is honored to work with such fine & talented groups in Nepal and the hills of northern Thailand.  The teams are loyal, hard working, spirited, dedicated and resilient. Our common means of communication can be complicated.  It is often a hoot to watch us together excited by new ideas or even just excited that we've gotten our point across. One thing we know for certain is that "A smile is the same in every language", so in the end it is always the language we speak together, the language of love and respect.

Through fair trade practices such as fair living wages and good working conditions, Global Groove Life is able to ensure products are made with care and that teams are empowered to support their families and have a better quality of life.  We couldn't do it without them or without you! 

While we've got you here, DID YOU KNOW?

The purchase of your fair trade handcrafted felt item helps support marginalized rural mothers, sisters and children in Nepal, breaking the cycle of poverty because....Evidence for a range of developing countries proves that increasing the share of household income controlled by mothers changes spending in ways that benefit children and.....Grandmothers, mothers, and sisters control 220 trillion dollars in spending in the developed world so....It's easy to see how sisters supporting sisters can change the world and how together we can lift as we rise in Global Sisterhood.

And hey! If you're a brother, or a father purchasing this fair trade item, we appreciate your strength in holding the space for sisters to rise.  You're our kind of brother. Thank you, together we make a difference.

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