All About the Artisans

Through fair trade practices such as fair living wages and good working conditions, we are able to ensure our products are made with care and that our team is empowered to support their families and have a better quality of life.  We couldn't do it without them or without you! 

We are honored to work with such a fine & talented group of sisters and mothers in the hills of northern Thailand.  The team is loyal, hard working, spirited, dedicated and resilient. Our common means of communication is a second language for us all--Thai.  It is often a hoot to watch us together excited by new ideas or even just excited that we've gotten our point across. One thing we know for certain is that "A smile is the same in every language", so in the end it is always the language we speak together, the language of love and respect.

Here are just a few of the many artisans that we work with: