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Groovin’ From Home: Comfort and Posture For #WFH

Now that COVID-19 is well underway, we know all too well that working from home presents new roadblocks and changes to our daily routines. But as we adjust to a new lifestyle, it can also create new opportunities to make the workday healthier, happier and more comfortable. 

Checking in with your mind and body doesn’t have to be something that only happens on your yoga mat. When you can, try taking a moment during the workday to make sure you are practicing good posture and feeling comfortable, both physically and mentally. Keep reading for some tips that can help make your WFH experience a little bit healthier! 

Ponder Your Posture

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If your job primarily takes place at a desk, you might often find yourself hunched over your computer. In fact, about 1 in 4 adults sit for more than 8 hours a day. Addressing your posture can be a small step that makes a big difference in your workday––and it might even lead to better health overall.

Although it’s certainly tempting to spend the day working in bed or on the couch, sitting at a table or desk will be more comfortable for the long term. Proper workplace ergonomics while seated include making sure your elbows and knees are at a 90-degree angle and positioning any screens or monitors at eye level. You can even try switching between a desk chair and yoga ball throughout the day to stay comfortable.

Standing desks are a popular ergonomic option to add some variety to your posture, but they can be a large investment. If sitting down all day makes you feel tired or antsy, try standing whenever possible, like while on a phone call or during a brainstorming session. You can also move your laptop or work materials to a kitchen counter or other surface that’s at a good standing height.

A Workspace That Works For You

Setting up your workspace is another key way to create a comfortable environment for WFH. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive! Establishing a workspace that works for you can be a simple process.

Think about what kind of place you work best in. Do you prefer a clutter-free zone? Or do you find it helpful to have inspiring photos and decor in sight? 

You also might want to consider other factors such as proper lighting and a comfortable noise level. If you miss the hustle and bustle of your office or the local coffee shop, try playing an ambient sound video to mimic it. 

Having a few self-care essentials conveniently within reach can also make it easier to take that extra step towards taking care of yourself. Things like a soothing essential oil or lotion, a candle or incense or even some of your favorite snacks are fantastic to have on hand for whenever you need them. 

Get A Move On It During WFH

Another great way to focus on comfort and posture is to incorporate mindful movement into your day. Alternating between sitting, standing and moving helps blood circulate and can help you feel better. 

When possible, take a break to get up and move around. Shake out your arms and legs. Stand up and stretch your legs. You can even try getting a brief yoga practice in (here's a cool 14-minute flow to try while you're at it). Just a few minutes of movement can help you stay comfortable and healthy during the workday.

It’s super important to care for your wrists (especially if you’re working at a computer or typing for hours at a time). Take a moment to try some wrist and arm stretches and allow your body to release some of that built-up tension. 

It can also be wonderful to take a short walk during a lunch break or another pause in your day. Fresh air and movement is just as helpful for your mind as it is your body and helps you stay active and relaxed. Taking a walk can even rejuvenate your thoughts and help you return to work with a fresh new perspective.

Give Your Mind and Body a Break While You WFH

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Overworking leads to burnout. Even though it seems counterintuitive, working without a break can cause you to be less productive than you would be without one. By making sure you are feeling your best, you will be more prepared to give every task your all. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! 

We understand that during these stressful times, it can be hard to remember to take a break, so all of us here at GGL hope these tips have inspired you to do so! Practicing posture, comfort and mindfulness in little ways throughout your day can add up to big changes in your health and happiness. 

How a Covered Yoga Ball Makes You Hip to WFH Success

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Using a yoga ball in lieu of an office chair for short periods of time throughout the day can help you change up your posture. That's important, because it's not just the quality of your posture that matters—but the frequency in which you change up your position!

But aside from being bouncy, we all know that yoga balls can be slippery and sticky. That's why covering your yoga ball with 100% woven cotton fabric makes sense. This way, you get solid traction and comfort to go along with your posture change.

With yoga balls ranging in size from 45–75 centimeters, finding the right size ball cover is important. Check your ball's measurements before scoring a fair-trade cover in your fave color and pattern.

Whether or not you have a yoga ball by your side to help you stay comfortable and focused, we hope your WFH days are rewarding—however long you may be remote.


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