Your Yoga Ball: Cover It Your Style, Use It Your Mode, Love It All Ways

Your Yoga Ball: Cover It Your Style, Use It Your Mode, Love It All Ways

If you're anything like us, you've sought after something to enhance both your physical and mental health. Healthy posture and movement are undoubtedly a means of supporting these. To maximize efficiency and to take advantage of the ideals of form and function in our lives are some of the main benefits of healthy posture and movement, and a yoga ball can help to achieve these. It holds the potential to transform a sedentary life into an active one, and to serve as the basis for a more exciting home environment.

By shawling your yoga ball with an appealing cover, using it in ways that make you happy and appreciating all that it can do for you, your life alongside your yoga ball may be happier than you ever thought possible.


Choose a Yoga Ball Cover That Speaks to You

Our home spaces are sacred. They're meant to be places we can control, using our power to determine how they look and feel. However you choose to utilize your yoga ball, choosing yoga ball covers that express your personality can be a truly empowering move.

A yoga ball cover design that fits to your palate can leaving you feeling more satisfied about the space that it takes up in your home. With a cover, a ball serves the purpose of functional home decor. You'll no longer need to wince with shame or feel that uncomfortable jolt at the disharmony of a plastic ball in your thoughtfully curated office, lounge or bedroom. Let's face it; yoga balls sans the cover are just not cool.

We want what's best for you, and that means propelling you forth to dictate your own life. Thus, the most important step in covering your yoga ball is picking out a pattern that feels tailored just for you.


The Potential of Your Yoga Ball Lies In Your Hands

We're all about agency. However you choose to lead your life is your say. To allow that agency to seep into your practices of mindfulness and wellbeing is truly empowering.

As such, the team at GGL wants to push you toward a life led honestly, using your covered yoga ball as a prop. For an authentic experience with your yoga ball, ask yourself these questions:

Does this practice make me feel better after I'm done?

Do I feel like this practice is crucial for my happiness and wellbeing?

Am I having fun?

It may seem obvious, but many people forget to ask themselves these key questions as they lead life's little adventures. Whether it be for meditation, exercise, breathing practices, mindless lounging or yoga itself, your yoga ball is one thing and one thing only: yours.

Appreciate Your Yoga Ball, Cover and All

Gratitude goes far, and it doesn't have to be reserved for the intangible aspects of life. Even the objects we surround ourselves with are worthy of appreciation, and your covered yoga ball is no exception.

After you choose a cover and decide just how you want to use your yoga ball, you must remember to appreciate it fully. We have a feeling you'll be surprised how much more meaning your daily activities hold. Even the bits that seem like minutiae, like your time spent relaxing on your yoga ball, hold weight. And your gratitude for these times can carry you far.

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