Testimonials & Reviews

Hear what some of our recent customers have to say about our products.....

Here are some of our Ball Cover reviews ---

"I just received my 55” yoga ball cover and love it.  The best part of all this is that I got the cover in LESS THAN 48 hours from purchase with standard shipping.  I am blown away at that!  Customer for life for sure." - Rachael, Florida


"Fits great, is a lovely design. Has a convenient handle. My coworkers are jealous! Watch the video before deciding it won't fit. This is a very tight cover and takes some wrestling to get on. No bunches or bumpy areas once zipped. Came with a window decal and a little card about the woman who sewed/designed it in Thailand. Nifty!" - Amy, Oregon.

Fast shipping. Fits great. I use it on my ball chair!" - Nancy, Arizona.

"I love my ball cover, everyone likes it and asks me where I got it. I highly recommend these covers. Oh! and I got it super fast too!" - Marta, Los Angeles.

"I L<3 V E this! It fit my 65 cm ball great! I receive many compliments on the design. It shipped promptly! Note 1: I had a slight problem with the handle. The fabric next to the handle tore after 20 days of use. I used the handle 4 times to move it carefully -- not throw it. After contacting the company about my problem, they said they had already discontinued handles on future balls, which is a shame because this was a super feature. I just wish the fabric near the handle had been reinforced Note: The owners very promptly replied to my concern about this problem. Great company to work with! =D" - Sherri, Montana

"Great product. Nicely made and shipped quickly. Love it!"

"I love the cover. My ball actually looks like it belongs in my room now. It is very well made and the handle makes it particularly convenient." - Karen, South Carolina

And reviews of some of our other products ---

Zafu cushion -  "Absolutely perfect! So soft, and lots of support! Thanks so much!"

- Deyana, U.S.A