Volunteers Bring Innovation to Global Groove

Volunteers Bring Innovation to Global Groove

There's something to be said for people who are willing to lend their talents, expertise and motivation to do a job in exchange for a welcoming community that will make sure they are taken care of. At GGL, we're proud to work with volunteers from all across the globe, and we fervently believe it's a part of our innovation.


What Our Volunteers Really Do

On any given day, a global volunteer in Chiang Mai, Thailand may be hard at work setting up scenes for the next GGL photoshoot. This may involve dressing a yoga ball in the latest cover patterns in our store, or laying out bouquets curated from handcrafted felt florals. Ultimately, the collaboration that takes place during these times lends fresh perspectives and modern appeal to our portfolio of online content

In the same co-creative space, you may find writers passionately typing away about GGL's fair trade mission, or encounter marketers expertly divulging social media strategy for upcoming months. Graphic designers, models, photographers, coding professionals and more are just some of the talents that find their way to GGL, which seems to be a magnet for the most creative minds.

Sure, our company has a family that's set in stone. This includes our leaders of the business pack and our fairly treated artisans in Nepal and Thailand alike. However, by welcoming volunteers into our family, we're broadening our horizons, bringing rise to innovation and bumping creativity to the forefront.


International Inspiration Aligns with Our Mission

GGL is a company that's keen on international influence. After all, it's a part of our namesake—Global Groove Lifeso why wouldn't we want to heighten the voices of folks from all over the globe?

We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice. While our fair trade practice focuses primarily on those who need it most (marginalized workers), we're not afraid to bring others to the round table to influence the way we run things.

Most of all, GGL is a huge proponent of change and evolution for the betterment of earth and its inhabitants. By working with volunteers as well as marginalized workers, we highlight this desire in all that we do.


A Peek at GGL in the Works

You may know what GGL looks like on the surface, but have you thought about what goes on behind the scenes? We're lending a few sneak peeks of our days here in our creative and collaborative working environment.




We're Grateful for Our Community of Volunteers

To us, trading a loving community for a range of talents is an utterly exciting concept. We couldn't be more grateful for our volunteers, who work to highlight the craftsmanship of our artisans day in and day out. That's our true goal, and working with a community to bring it to fruition is always better than working alone.

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