Useful, Useable, and Thrive-able Gift Ideas

Useful, Useable, and Thrive-able Gift Ideas

Conscious gift buying can be exceptionally tricky in our factory and sweatshop age, where consumers are demanding cheap and accessible products at an even higher rate than ever before. If you’re already a consumer of fair trade and ethical brand buying for yourself, then you are well aware of how time consuming (not to mention pricey) it can get. So when it comes to buying for others, do you lower your standards and save? Or is there an easier way?

Shopping sustainably is paramount in our modern world. The population is at an all time high, and surging like never before, Mother Earth’s resources are being strained and we are seeing the effects of that strain all around the globe. There is a plethora of companies that have already made the shift to sustainable practices: renewable energy, recycled materials, and fair wages for workers are all a part of what makes a good business great in the eyes of the conscious consumer. But now that entrepreneurs have figured out how to create businesses that are sustainable… why not up the ante? Why stop at making your business sustainable, if it could be thrive-able? Let’s make 2017 the year where everyone is treated fairly, and we support businesses that are going above and beyond to make this world a better place.

Below are five unique, useable, and most importantly thriveable gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Next time you are in a pinch as to where to buy or what to buy for your friends and loved ones, give these gifts a gander!

prAna: prAna is a retail company specializing in men’s and women’s movement and lifestyle apparel. They are constantly committed to making a positive environmental and personal impact on their consumers and producers. If you are shopping for a man in your life, their products can be especially astute, with many options for versatile and stylish men’s clothing.Cargo Green Ostend Shirt | Men > Tops > Shirts & Button Downs


Global Groove Life (Yoga): Have an avid yogi friend? Well look no further than GGL’s unique and beautiful Yoga Ball Covers. With dozens of styles and colours to choose from, and a comfortable variety of sizes, these Ball Covers make the perfect gift.


Ethical Shop: Looking for an inexpensive gift that’s also thriveable? Hop onto and you will be charmed by the endless amount of adorable fair trade gifts available for purchase. One of my personal favourite is the Yoga Socks, perfect for any dancer, gymnast, or yogi in your life, these comfortable and durable socks are sure to impress!

  Recycled Cashmere Yoga Socks

Global Groove Life (Lifestyle): A gift that is sure to impress all ages, genders, and interests is Global Groove Life’s Boozik line up. These hand carved, natural bamboo speakers, produce brilliant sound from you smart phone or tablet by simply placing it comfortably in the slot, and voila! Crisp, clear, and amplified sounds brought to you completely chare-cord free!

Ten Thousand Villages: Still feeling a little discouraged? Ten Thousand Villages has been a pioneer in making positive change in business sustainability since 1946, and their website has a page dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift. Simply choose from their descriptive widgets and find gifts tailored to the style of whomever you are buying for!

Don’t be discouraged by the daunting task of looking for sustainable and thriveable gifts for your friends and family, use this quick guide as a jumping off point to finding the perfect gift, that also gives back!


     Avery Lentz is a curious creative soul residing in Northern California. She loves to write, dance, travel, and talk with her fellow humans. When she isn't buried in a mountain of notebooks and reading material, you can find her out in the woods, scaling mountains, or perusing the coast. Through her writing she hopes to spread messages of love and acceptance for all and a kind approach to Mother Earth.

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