Sacred Seeds: A Global Groove Life Guide

Sacred Seeds: A Global Groove Life Guide

Seeds contain all of the wisdom and potential energy of the entire tree or plant condensed into a tiny package! The seeds from trees that are considered sacred will nurture your spiritual side and support your journey of awakening. Seeds grow. They expand and unfold into something much greater than what they originally appear to be - just like you!

Wrist Mala
Apply the ancient wisdom of sacred plants to your daily life with wrist malas. Which seeds are right for you? That depends on what it is that you’re interested in cultivating more of in your life. Read on to learn more about the sacred seeds at your disposal through Global Groove Life’s selection of intentionally crafted wrist malas.

Seed of Immortal Truth

Banyan trees can survive and grow for centuries! Their branches and roots grow together creating new trunks that strengthen the tree. Their seeds can be used to support aspects which seekers hope to find a stable and constant connection with for eternity - like love, good health, and spirituality.

Banyan Seeds

Banyan seeds represent the permanent world of spirit (the immortal truth) rather than the impermanent physical world. You can use a banyan seed mala as a beautiful reminder that you can wear every day to bring more of the holy into daily life.

Seed of Purity and Peace

The lotus flower is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment in multiple cultures and its seeds carry this same energy. The lotus rises up out of the mud to display a beautiful flower. Raindrops slide peacefully off the lotus flower. The lotus remains pure throughout all stages of its life.

Lotus seeds

Wearing lotus seeds reminds you that you, too, can maintain purity throughout all the trials of life. You, too, can reach enlightenment! This seed will reconnect you with the purity of the natural world which we are all parts of.

Lotus Azurite Wrist Mala
This lotus seed and azurite wrist mala connects the energies of heaven above and earth below in a lovely balance. The lotus seed symbolizes enlightenment, and spiritual purity. Azurite is sometimes called the “stone of heaven” and can assist with meditation.

 Seed of Enlightenment

The word bodhi means “enlightened” or “awakened” in the sanskrit language. So the bodhi seed is literally the enlightened seed. Prince Siddhartha reached enlightenment and became the Buddha while meditating beneath a Bodhi tree. Many Buddhists and other seekers spend hours sitting beneath these trees in meditation along their journeys towards enlightenment.

Bodhi seeds

Wrist malas can be used for the repetition of prayers, mantras, and verbal affirmations that will raise your vibration and bring you into deeper connection with spirit. Choose the combination of sacred seeds and precious stones whose attributes best align with your goals and aspirations to create your highest outcome. It may be exactly what you desired - or something better that is beyond your hopes and dreams!

Bodhi Amazonite wrist malas

To invite more abundance, physical energy, and connection with the Earth use this wrist mala with aventurine, amazonite, bodhi seeds, and rudraksha seeds.

Lapis bodhi seed mala

If you’re seeking to awaken and activate your higher chakras for clearer insight and empowerment to speak your truth try these malas with lapis lazuli, turquoise, an inlaid bodhi seed, and rudraksha seeds.

Seed of Blessings

The word rudraksha translates to the tears of Lord Shiva. These sacred seeds are believed to be the closest to Lord Shiva himself. The story goes that when He awoke, He shed several tears which fell to Earth then grew into rudraksha trees.

Rudraksha seeds

Rudraksha seeds are believed to bring eternal blessings and protection to those who wear them. Hindus have been praying with malas made of rudraksha seeds for thousands of years. All those prayers and intentions have built up a powerful energy that passes along to all who connect with these seeds - regardless of the individual’s beliefs or background.

These little seeds pack a powerful energy that will assist you in moving forward on your path and staying healthy throughout your travels! Check out these wrist malas that feature rudraksha seeds:

Amethyst rudraksha mala

This mala includes amethyst - a stone of sobriety and spiritual connection, quartz - an amplifier, imperial purple jasper - protection and nurturing, and rudraksha seeds. It will support your physical and spiritual journeys alike!

Om Mani Padme Hum malas

These mala features cirtine - stone of manifestation and abundance, agate - strength and harmony, copper and pearl beads carved with the mantra om mani padme hum (the jewel in the lotus), and rudraksha seeds.

Mala prayer

Working with sacred seeds in the form of malas is a respectful way to engage with and learn from the Indian culture. These seeds can act as reminders of your own inner divinity and be visual cues to help you return your attention to the present moment. More presence is a gift we can all benefit from giving ourselves! Check out all of GGL's sacred seed wrist malas and choose the perfect one for your journey.

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