The rainbow we saw in bangkok has been a great source of inspiration

Our Rainbow Connection 🌈

Global Groove Life is thrilled this holiday season to share with you the felt product creations that were inspired through the colorful beauty, love and kindness one encounters in faraway lands. GGL finally hit the road again, searching for new dreams and new visions to shape the 2020 changes and challenges the company was presented with. The inspiration, for obvious reasons, could only come from a proper journey.



In September 2021 our first stop was England, where we steeped ourselves in live music and East End performances in Liverpool and London, while making sure to circle back ;) to Stonehenge and Avebury. We felt very fortunate at that time to be able to get out and smell the roses.
October through December we based ourselves in southern Spain and ventured to Valencia, Granada, Malaga, and Sevilla. As Spain and its delectable orange juice was drawing to an end, one early-before-coffee morning we looked over our balcony to discover the most brilliant rainbow starting directly from the ancient Roman arch! We ran downstairs to the shore to soak it in and revelled in the brilliance, concluding that this very moment summed up our travel experience: When the storms (and stacks of paperwork, necessary insurances, covid test demands) clear, you will be breathtaken.


That said, it was an obvious inspirational creative product outpour when we were finally quarantine released in Bangkok, to find ourselves popped into a rainbow kaleidoscope of celebration.



And yes, you guessed it—we’re here to share this prismatic and polychromatic Holiday Cheer with you in the here and now! Trim your tree with charismatic color this season and let the colors of the globe capture your heart. When the storm clears, it’s the colors in their many shades and sparkles that will take your breath away.

Join us on our rainbow connection Christmas journey! 🌈

Gina & James

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