Closing the Doors to 2016 & Opening the Doors to 2017:  Reflections & Contemplations

Closing the Doors to 2016 & Opening the Doors to 2017: Reflections & Contemplations

New Year’s Eve takes us back with feelings of nostalgia and reflection for another year that has passed, as well as the excitement for what the new year has in store for us all. It is something that is normally started with the hope of self-improvement and rebirth. It’s only natural to anticipate new beginnings and opportunities as the new year unfolds, whether that means improving one’s health, acquiring a new skill, working on your passion or picking up a neglected hobby.

So, we have asked some friends, new and old, to share their personal reflections about how they see themselves as they move into another year, one step closer to achieving their goals.


I believe deep down inside that we are all the same, only layered by multiple sources of conditioning since childbirth. A friend used to say to me that the journey of one's life can be said to be one where you're becoming more yourself - may I include that it is a privilege to be embarking on this path. In 2016, I think I  truly began to let go of material pursuit and to seek the path of sustainability.

In 2017, I'd really like to be able to witness myself face the darkest and deepest of my fears, to be vulnerable and peel away the layers of defenses I so quickly put up. I believe in the choice of love over fear and would love to have that manifest fully in the year to come.

- Aly Tashi, Singapore
Currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand



Well, talking about philosophy of life I have quite a few. One of them is not to be afraid to say hi to strangers. Be open to people and explore without judgement or expectations.
Even though this year was a bit of a challenging one, I have met people who helped me a lot. And I did the same for them.

In 2017, I see myself working and living in London. Not only will I continue excelling at what I do - headhunting people as a profession, but I will concentrate on my music more than I did in the past years.  I want to be more creative as I have many experiences that I would like to put into songs.

Dov Zavado, Lithuania
Currently based in London

Despite the beautiful places I travelled to, 2016 is probably the worst year of my life by far which really tested my inner strength. I lost two family members in one week. Shortly after, one of my family members was assaulted, and I was very depressed at work. Then I received news of a friend who passed away. 2016 has been a year for me with mostly painful memories, but the fact that I got through it and that it gave me the courage to leave and travel alone like I have always dreamt of doing, to allow my body and mind to heal, and open my heart makes the whole experience more meaningful. This year has been about digging deep into my personal strength to propel me forward. 

In 2017 and onwards, I want to continue growing in the way that I have been recently - letting go of pain, bitterness and loss, opening my heart and pursuing happiness. I would like to explore spirituality and become sustainably healthy. I have been in good shape before but always lacked consistency, I want to find the right wavelength for my body where I can be the happiest and healthiest I have ever been.
- Rhiannon Robertson, England
Currently traveling Thailand

I like see the positive sides of things even though sometimes it’s difficult to do. 2016 has been a roller coaster ride for me -- all about work and other commitments,  so I was pretty tied up to a point that sometimes I wanted to give up and just do nothing. But I know that wouldn’t help much. So why waste your time getting stuck in that kind of situation? Hey, that’s what life is all about, yes? It’s not always rainbow and sunshine. So suck it up and just go for it. It is always a good thing to train oneself to see things in a positive way or from different angles. At least it worked for me so far.
Things I would love to do more in 2017? Definitely traveling! That’s one of those things that help me to keep my sanity and rejuvenate myself.


- Des Neville, Malaysia


How did I spend my 2016? It was to be selfless by traveling on the road spending as little as I could but gaining a richer world view. I definitely had some post travel blues when I returned to Australia. Last year, I got to visit 7 countries which made me realize how traveling makes me happy. It offers me a way to give back to local communities which is what I'm focusing on now with my blog: responsible tourism.
This is also why I'd choose pleasure over productivity, as when you are happiest you will be more productive.

Cherie Julie, Australia


And there you have it, 2016 reflections and 2017 contemplation from some of our very favorite folks in the GGL traveling network!  Tell us, what will you do in 2017?

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I will be in Chaing Mai Jan 19-Feb 6 with Kristen of Kamibashi!! May we ride your motor scooter with a helmet!!!
8043384524 for text
See you soon, Linda

Linda Edwards

I will be in Chaing Mai Jan 19-Feb 6 with Kristen of Kamibashi!! May we ride your motor scooter with a helmet!!!
8043384524 for text
See you soon, Linda

Linda Edwards

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