Going, Going, Green: Sustainability Tips from GGL to You

Going, Going, Green: Sustainability Tips from GGL to You

We know that being on the greener side of things can often feel overwhelming. However, living an environmentally friendly life doesn't have to mean taking on the weight of the world. With these sustainability tips, you'll see that going green is much more attainable and convenient than you may have thought.


Sustainability Tip #1: Make More Thoughtful Purchases

In a world where consumerism is vast and fast, investing thoughtfully is a radical idea. Rather than buying cheap products produced at a rapid rate by anonymous individuals, you can choose to invest in products whose origin and route to your life are totally transparent. Not only will you buy less (which puts less stress on the planet), you'll be the proud owner of more sustainable goods.

Buying certified fair trade goods is one surefire way to make certain your purchases are as thoughtful as can be. An item is only marked fair trade if it adheres to a set of ever-evolving standards. These standards are put in place to make sure that both workers and the world in which they live never get the short stick.

As a side effect of making more thoughtful purchases, you may find that you're living a more minimalist lifestyle. Rather than piling up your belongings, you'll be able to truly know and appreciate all that you posses. Whether it be a yoga ball cover, a sweater or even a piece of furniture, spending mindfully will heighten the connection between you and all you own.

Sustainability Tip #2: Use What You Have

From food to clothing, using up what you already have before investing in something else is a game changer for the planet.

Using the food you have - How much produce are you really going to eat in the next few days? And what food do you already have in your fridge that may go bad if you don't consume it? By being mindful of the perishable items you already have in stock, you can reduce your food waste by a lot. Since food waste contributes to about a quarter of the content in our landfills, which take up land space as well as produce harmful pollution, this makes more of a difference than you may realize.

Using the goods you have - Buying fast fashion and other non-sustainably produced products only uses up precious resources and puts stress on an already burdened planet. What do you already have in your closet or in your bureau, and what do you really need? One way to achieve a well-stocked repertoire of goods is by buying quality, fair trade products in the first place. They satiate your need for consumerism while also offering a long-lasting, sustainable addition to your collection.


Sustainability Tip #3: Swap Out the Disposables

By now, we're sure you've heard about cutting the straws and plastic bags. But that doesn't mean you have to do without the conveniences these products provide. By investing in reusable products that you can use in your daily life, you'll minimize waste while simultaneously making your days that much easier to maneuver.

So, what are some everyday disposable items that you can swap out for reusable ones?

  • Swap out plastic bags for reusable tote bags
  • Swap out paper napkins for reusable cloth napkins
  • Swap out plastic utensils for metal cutlery
  • Swap out plastic straws for metal or silicone straws
  • Swap out paper coffee cups for reusable travel mugs

While not exhaustive, this list of reusable items that can take the place of disposable ones will give you a solid start for your journey toward sustainability.


Sustainability Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Don't feel overburdened by the concept of sustainability. After all, burnout never helped anybody achieve anything. Instead, take these sustainability tips to heart, and always remember to take it one day at a time. Before you know it, you'll be living a mindful, low-waste life that takes everything—from people to the planet—into consideration.      

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