Getting Away Without Going Anywhere

October 05, 2016

Getting Away Without Going Anywhere

Getting Away Without Going Anywhere

Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to take time for yourself and to balance the mind and body. You don’t need to spend a fortune creating time and space for a recharging getaway. Here is a list of how to create your own yoga retreat without leaving your home.

What You Will Need

  • Decide how much time you can and want to set aside for your retreat. The longer the better but if you only have one day that is beneficial as well.
  • Yoga mat
  • Meditation cushion or something comfortable to sit on
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Water and/or fresh juices
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy snacks such as nuts and granola bars.

Optional Items to Add

Yoga ball, calming music, incense, candles and aromatherapy oils, journal or notebook, mandala coloring book and coloring utensils.  

Setting the Mood

Shut off technology for the majority of the retreat. Catch up on what you need to do before the retreat starts and then put it away. It’s distracting for the mind; you will feel much more focused and calm taking a break from the social media world.

Any space is fine to set up your retreat a long as it’s quiet and uncluttered. Set up all your items before starting the retreat and remove anything that may get in the way of your planned activities. Be sure to do all your meal planning and grocery shopping before starting as well.

Make a music playlist or find a relaxing station to listen to. It’s recommended to choose songs without lyrics to again, free yourself from distractions. Lyrics sometimes bring up certain emotions. Silence is always an option as well.

Light subtle scented incense and candles or burn oils if you opted to make them a part of your retreat. Aromatherapy oils for the skin are also useful for energy or relaxation depending on what you feel you need.  Putting fresh flowers throughout your space is another way to create tranquility and positive vibes.

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Sample Day Itinerary


  • Yoga practice. Practice on your own or find free yoga practice videos online. It is best to practice on an empty stomach and before any caffeine intake. Set an intention for yourself; something you want to work on throughout your day. Maybe it’s staying present or learning to accept whatever your experience brings.
  •  Journal. You don’t need to write anything beautiful or think too much about it. Just write about whatever is on your mind. You don’t need to read it again and nobody will see it so just let your thoughts flow without judgement. It will help to establish a fresh start to the day and clear the mind. Apply aromatherapy oils such as peppermint, lemon and rosemary which are helpful in memory and concentration.
  • Breakfast and tea/coffee. Tea is best to drink as it has caffeine but doesn’t offer the crash that coffee does. However, if you need your regular morning coffee boost then try to limit yourself to 1-2 cups. Prepare a light, healthy breakfast such as a smoothie or yogurt with fruit and granola. Practice eating mindfully and enjoy each bite.
  • Meditation and Pranayama. Choose from deep breathing, body scanning, visualization, sitting or walking. Perfection is not the key here so be patient with yourself.

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  • Rest, go for a walk, read a book, create a vision board, color or do a craft. Creating your own mala beads is meditative, spiritual and useful for the rest of your retreat and during any meditation practice.
  • Prepare a healthy meal on your own. Enjoy the love and effort you put into creating nourishment for your body.
  • Try a different activity from the list above.
  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama. Practice a different style of asana and meditation to experiment with something new. Some options are chakra opening, kundalini yoga and sound therapy.



  • Cooking. This can also be meditative. Take time mindfully preparing a new, healthy recipe that you have always wanted to try.
  • Reflection time. Journal about your feelings at the end of the day. Again, this does not need to be anything carefully planned; just write. Coloring mandalas are also a beneficial, mindful activity. Try a relaxing yin yoga, yoga nidra (yoga of relaxation) or meditation practice.
  • Self-care. Take a bath, write a gratitude or positive affirmation list, or just relax to wind down the night. Light a subtle scented candle, incense or oils. Lavender and camomile oils promote relaxation and calmness. Rub it on your feet before bedtime for full effectiveness.
  • Bedtime

This is only a sample of what a day could look like. Feel free to mix up the order of the activities according to your wants and needs. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s a valuable way to learn your own strengths and create growth physically, spiritually  and mentally.


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