Fair Trade Solutions for a Thrive-able World

Fair Trade Solutions for a Thrive-able World

One thing that all people can agree on - regardless of where we are from, what languages we speak, our gender, or what religion we practice - is that we all desire to thrive! Here at Global Groove Life (GGL) we believe in humanity’s ability to create a thrive-able world in which all people and the Earth flourish. Fair Trade is a major contributor to creating a world that’s even better than the one we’ve inherited. Read on to discover how.

Sustainable Vs. Thrive-able 

As someone who is actively choosing to participate in the Fair Trade economy, you most likely agree with us in this belief that sustainable is awesome. For clarity’s sake and to create a shared understanding with each other - and facilitating shared understanding across cultures is something else that GGL values highly - we’ll now share a brief definition of the word “sustainable.”

The Brundtland commission defined sustainable development as: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Another way to say this is that sustainable development includes “improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.”

Just to be clear, we here at GGL support sustainable practices! We also believe in humanity’s ability to do even better than that! What’s better than sustainable...? Thrive-able!


Let’s compare the two. Sustainable practices seek to restore the balance that was already there and to consume needed resources in ways that ensure the survival of our planet Earth and the continuation of access to those resources for future generations. The aim of thrive-able practices is to go above and beyond ensuring our survival and the survival of the planet. Thrive-able practices create new opportunities for growth, expression, and symbiosis. Optimizing nature and our lifestyles into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Who Thrives from Fair Trade?

With all this talk about environmental sustainability it may seem obvious that the Earth benefits greatly from both Fair Trade production and consumption. Oftentimes, organizations and companies must meet strict environmental standards to become Fair Trade certified.

We thrive when we surround ourselves with hand crafted products that are created with purpose -  it’s the antithesis of disposable culture where massive corporations outsource labor to developing countries to mass-produce items that are designed to last a short time to ensure the continuation of the process of mass-consumption and mass-disposal. Fair trade items are much more high vibrational, and isn’t that what you want in embellishments for your home, items to support your spiritual or fitness practice, or to inspire delight in a child’s room?

The artisans and producers of Fair Trade goods, their families, and their communities thrive in this win-win-win situation, too. These individuals bring in a better income to support themselves, have an outlet for the creative expression of their gifts, women and families are empowered, and communities become more resilient. Economic opportunities being given to those among us who have been systematically oppressed (at least in recent history) helps us all to flourish and prosper. The rising tide lifts all boats.


Thrive-able Fair Trade Leaders

Make Perfume Not War - Leveraging the buying power of North American women to monetize peace. The 7 Virtues Beauty LLC. (http://www.the7virtues.com/) based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada creates perfumes using the finest essential oils imported from countries that are rebuilding after war and disaster. Growers who cultivate the plants and distill essential oils from them are able to hire others who benefit from well above average incomes that support and stabilize entire communities. These communities from Haiti, Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, Rwanda, and India are on the road through recovery and towards a prosperous future!

CoopeTarrazú (http://www.cafetarrazu.com/), a coffee farming cooperative in the most well known coffee region in Costa Rica, implemented a plan that allows them to record the environmental impact of their crop production provides trainings, capacity building, and environmental leadership to the community. Now community members feel proud of their knowledge about the land and how they can be stewards for the Earth.

Thriving social lives for producers in Thailand and Nepal. After several years of running GGL in Thailand and Nepal, we’ve learned that after a few years of training and working in the city women move back to their home villages after getting married. These villages don’t have as many opportunities for work as the larger cities do. So we have come up with a creative solution - sending needed supplies up into the mountains to the artisans so they can work from home! This allows both their personal and professional lives to continue to blossom.

Take the thrive-able world fair trade pledge!

If you agree that a better world, a thrive-able world is possible then commit to doing your part by buying fair trade items - put your money where your heart is!

About the Author:

Amara Evans is a vibrational healer, collective consciousness-raiser, and devotee of the Goddess. She loves to connect with her global   community through writing about important topics like the environment, spirituality, and fair trade.




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