evoking emotion through colors

Evoking Emotion Through Colors Around Us

The environment that surrounds us means everything. It can affect our mood, our energy and even our physical health, and it can do so positively or negatively. While we can't change everything around us, there are things we do have agency over, and altering our emotion through the colors which make up our space are some of them.

The Psychology Behind Colors

Artists and psychologists alike believe in color's ability to alter our state of mind and wellbeing. Pablo Picasso believed that colors "follow the changes of emotions," just as facial features do. Sir Isaac Newton, on the other hand, discovered that each color holds a wavelength of its own.

Psychologists have even presented studies that show the effect colors have on blood pressure, metabolism and—of course—our ever-changing moods. By curating our home spaces with thoughtfully colorful decor (like yoga ball covers and felt trinkets, for example), we can manage our emotions and manifest a day to day we can be proud of.

Choose Blues and Purples for a Touch of Zen

Blue and purple hues provide a sense of calmness to those around them. Whether to enhance the quietude of winter or bring peace to a springtime energy, actively choosing to include these cool colors in your home is a powerful move. Doing so means you are consciously choosing to surround yourself with a calm energy, one that can alter your mood—and even your health—for the better.

An added benefit of surrounding yourself with these colors is a boost in creativity. If you've been seeking an extra push for a stalled project, now is your chance to make it happen.


Pick Pinks and Reds for a Layer of Love


While they do emit ambiences of their own, both pinks and reds offer a sense of love to the audiences who view them. Pink colors tend to offer a more tender, kind love. Meanwhile, red bring a more exciting, more powerful sense of love. If you want to bring this love into your own home, these colors—and others of a warm tone—are the way to do it.

Bright reds are powerful, but are best when used in small doses. As such, bringing colors within this family into your home should be done through the use of accent pieces. Then, you can reap the benefits of red without sweltering in stress.


Discover Earth Tones for an Aura of Anchoring

Earth tones are good for a lot of things, whether it be balancing your outfit to bringing a sense of stability to your home. From blacks and grays to tans and browns, you're bound to find decor that makes your home hold the feeling of a strong foundation.



Define the Life You're After, Then Pick the Colors of Your Space

What are you trying to get out of your earthly experience? The yoga ball covers at GGL are just one of many pieces of home decor that you may find in your home, but they serve as a firm basis for taking charge of your fate. Pick your colors wisely, for altering emotion through colors is easier to achieve than you may imagine.

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