Birthing Balls: Taking Charge of Your Motherhood

Birthing Balls: Taking Charge of Your Motherhood

Whether you're expecting your first or your fifth bundle of joy, congratulations are in order! Pregnancy and birth bring big changes to the body, and there's no harm in seeking new ways to support yourself through the process.

With a birthing ball by your side (or, perhaps, underneath of you), you'll be granted another layer of support. And at GGL, we believe you deserve every bit of it.


Dishing the Birthing Ball Deets

A birthing ball is a piece of equipment that can be used to prepare for birth, heal from birth and even assist with labor itself. Really, whatever your physician approves, you can do with a birthing ball. The product doubles as a yoga ball or exercise ball, meaning you'll find uses for it for years to come.

When crafted from sturdy anti-burst materials, these balls can support your body while you use them to your heart's content. They serve to help you achieve your desired level of activity or comfort, whatever stage of pregnancy or motherhood you're in.

Before Birth

A birthing ball can assist you in staying fit during pregnancy, ultimately helping you to maintain the physiological nourishment that you and your baby require. Perhaps more importantly, maintaining a level of fitness in preparation for the big day can maximize your emotional confidence, bringing a sense of ease to the journey that you never thought possible.

During Labor

While it may sound improbable, using a birthing ball during labor is totally doable, albeit with guidance and permission from your doctor. During times of rest and movement alike, a birthing ball can come in handy. It helps with changing positions quickly, and serves as additional support whether you're alongside your partner or alone.

After Birth

Your birthing ball is capable of assisting in the healing process, too. Taking the time to heal your body after your labor can be difficult, especially as you try to manage some semblance of a routine with your family. Whether for healthy posture and seating during breastfeeding or for a space to breathe and relax while your baby sleeps, a birthing ball may just be your new mother go to.

Keeping Things Clean with a Birthing Ball Cover

It's no secret that birthing and the aftermath are messy. With a washable, reusable ball cover from GGL, you'll be able to maintain cleanliness and keep your concerns at bay. As a new mother, you have plenty to worry about, and the neatness of your birthing ball should be the least of them.

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