5 Reasons to Use a Yoga Ball in Your Office

5 Reasons to Use a Yoga Ball in Your Office

It’s no secret that sitting in a chair all day is terrible for your spine (and soul). Solutions to this problem vary widely, from obscenely expensive ergonomic chairs to standing desks to fake sick days. Using a yoga (or exercise) ball is a popular trend, but what are the actual reasons to give one a try besides introducing a “conversation piece” to your office decor?


1. Low Cost

A decent yoga ball can cost as little as $10-15. As health/lifestyle experiments go, this is extremely low-impact both on your wallet and the effort needed to implement it.

2. The Cool Factor

OK, just because “everyone” is getting one doesn’t mean you should too, but right now, yoga balls are cool. If you bring one into work, you’re creating an opportunity to lead (or join) a healthy revolution in office culture!

3. Core Strength

Keeping a ball balanced beneath you requires coordination of your abdominals with your glutes, quads, and more, leading to improvements in strength and balance. Muscle groups required to keep your standard office chair still: zero. Need we say more?

4. Movement

Lots of people say they’re going to take a break every hour to stand up and walk around, but how often does that actually happen once you get sucked into a project at your desk? Sitting on a ball leads to movement and changes in position even when you’re not going anywhere, which is better for your circulation as well as sanity throughout the workday. Of course, you should still aim to stand up and walk around frequently as well!

5. Posture

This is a big one, not just because good posture is so important to your long term health, but also because there’s no “right” answer. Sitting on a yoga ball engages your core and shoulder muscles, encouraging you to sit up straight and alleviating the pressures on your hips and spine associated with slouching. However, research has also shown that not having arm or back rests while sitting for prolonged periods can create pressure on other areas of your spine. The truth is, sitting for eight hours just isn’t good for you! However, by alternating between a chair with good lumbar support and a yoga ball throughout the day, you can have the best of both worlds: feel great and look cool doing it.


Afraid having a giant rubber ball in your office may not fit in with the boss’s “business appropriate” decor? Better yet, are you the boss trying to lead by example with your professionalism? Cover your ball! Global Groove Life’s yoga ball covers come in a fantastic variety of designs, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your personal and professional style.

sources: livestrong.com, prevention.com

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