10 Innovative Uses for Your Yoga Ball

10 Innovative Uses for Your Yoga Ball

So you bought a yoga ball. Now what? The name seems to imply that there’s only one use for this magical rubber globe, but don’t worry - Global Groove Life is here to help you broaden your ball’s horizons!


The Obvious

1. Yoga:

Let’s get this one out of the way. A yoga ball is an essential tool for taking your yoga game to the next level. Check out some beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves you can do in the comfort (and style) of your own home!

2. Exercise:

The distinction between yoga and a “work-out” is not as subtle as it seems. Learn how to incorporate your exercise ball into a great core workout--Get your pilates on!

3. Stretch:

Professional athletes have a professional staff to keep them loose and limber. You have your yoga ball! Avoid muscle cramps by trying some helpful stretches with your yaga ball!


 Take a Seat

4. Desk Chair:

We’ve all heard about the benefits of incorporating a yoga ball into your seating options at work. Give it a try!

5. Table Chair:

Instead of eating so much you have to be rolled away from the dinner table, stay mindful and healthy by rolling up to the dinner table on your exercise ball!

6. Footrest:

Want to keep your feet up while working your core? Swap your ottoman out for your yoga ball and get your balance game going during a Netflix binge.


 The Home Stretch

7. Baby Bouncer:

Lots of trendy moms are turning to this fun alternative as a way of getting babies to sleep or even just to evoke that adorable giggle!


8. Physical Therapy:

Consult your doctor and/or physical therapist on this one, but yoga and/or bosu balls can be fantastic tools for getting back to your former glory.

9. Family Time:

Roll the dice and stretch your family game repertoire while stretching your muscles! Cozy & comfy or bouncy & crazy.......whichever way your family rolls, we've got the fun times covered! 

10. Style Piece:

If you think ideas 1-9 are great, and for the sake of that big rubber ball eyesore in your living room or office, elevate your style with one of our beautiful yoga ball covers!


 We know our yoga ball covers will liven up your room decor and make you smile when you see your favorite pattern! SHOP BALL COVERS HERE!

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