5 Amazing Benefits of Journaling

5 Amazing Benefits of Journaling

Looking back over my past travel journals always brings me right back to the places I visited and the unique experiences I had there. I’ve had a lifelong love of writing and my journals have been safe spaces to share things that feel deeply personal and to experiment with new styles of writing.

I’ve learned about myself and the world around me, been able to watch my own growth and evolution as a person through the lens of my journals. And I’m not the only one whose life has been enhanced by journaling. Read on to learn about 5 amazing benefits of journaling.

Personal Time

We live in an era of instant communication and high expectations to go, go, go. A journaling practice is a powerful way to disconnect from the wired world and deepen our connections with ourselves. Setting aside a special time to drop in and open up on the pages of a journal is a way of showing self love and self care.

Personal time is so important in maintaining balance. What could be more personal than writing, drawing, making lists, or adding art clippings to a journal? Looking at journal entries is a great way to learn about how we process the events of our lives. We can read our own innate wisdom written on the pages in front of us.


Each of us have experienced things during our lifetimes that we have needed to heal from. Whether they’re physical issues, emotional or behavioral patterns, family experiences, or have to do with relationships we all go through pain and feelings of disconnection.

Journaling is a non-judgemental outlet where we can release our pasts in order to let go and move forward. A journal can act as a counselor or be used to leverage therapy sessions to get faster and more complete results.

 Large Om Journal

Heal and de-stress your life with this Large Om Journal.

Achieving Goals

A regular journaling practice can serve us in a very practical way as a place where we can record our goals, create action steps, keep track of progress, and visually see where we to make changes that will assist us in actualizing our goals. Writing something down signals to our brains that “this is important.”

Writing is a wonderful way to enhance our intelligence. Using a wide range of vocabulary words expands our brain power, inviting more innovation - which enables us to look at things in entirely new ways and to achieve our goals.

Creative Expression

Journaling helps us to find and empower our authentic voices. Through relating our lives outwardly we deepen our understanding of life and the many ways we can share our experiences.

Each blank page is like an empty canvas waiting to be filled with whatever we can imagine - poems scribbled, drawings etched, lists jotted down, quotes remembered. Even when our daily lives are busy committing to 3 to 5 minutes per day of journaling - in whatever form - can get the creative juices flowing.

Lotus Journal

Express yourself in this Large Lotus Journal.

It’s Easy

There’s no wrong way to journal! The pages won’t judge or even respond and there’s no need to ever show anybody else. It’s free form expression through writing so it will work well with anyone’s needs. Journaling caters to both right-brained and left-brained people.

Journaling is a flexible way to work through any issues we may be going through. Being too wordy or having typos or spelling errors all don’t matter. All that we need to be is willing to take a few moments (or sometimes hours) for ourselves to put pen to paper and voila - we’re journaling!

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Amara Evans is a vibrational healer, collective consciousness-raiser, and devotee of the Goddess. She loves to connect with her global   community through writing about important topics like the environment, spirituality, and fair trade.

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