Exercise Ball Cover Contruction Process

Exercise Ball Cover Contruction Process

Adun, our quality control and packing supervisor carries in our custom-made stretch cotton fabric, just delivered from the printer. The first step of the process was picking out colors of knit cotton which comes in tubes.

Before being printed, the fabric has to be cut so that we can print both sides of the tube. 

Our master tailor, Dia, is so excited to see this new fabric. She's been making our balance ball covers for 4 years now but this will be the first time that she's using stretch cotton fabric. It's time to adjust the patterns again! She is in town for the day to pick up the new fabric and then take it back to her village co-op where she will distribute the fabric and supplies to her team in outlying villages.


Greg and Gina discuss specs for the ball covers with Dia to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Here's a sneak peek at the final product, our stretch fabric yoga ball covers. These are awesome and so easy to put on thanks to the long, heavy-duty YKK zip which wraps around three quarters of the circumference of the ball.

The cover above fits a 65cm ball and the cover below fits a 55cm ball, perfect for a balance ball chair as you can see!


 Machine washable, 100% cotton fabric. 

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