A Big Announcement from Global Groove...

A Big Announcement from Global Groove...

Recently things here in Chiang Mai have been a flurry of activity. There have been shopping trips, deliveries, team sewing days, shipping expeditions and more.

There have been baskets and purses and scarves and pipes, tassels and bracelets and hats.

While we’re often busy and spend a lot of time with our suppliers, things have really stepped up a notch. And it’s not just because it’s time to restock the online store. Nope, we’ve got something even more exciting in the works, and we’re so excited it’s time to finally share it with you.

So what’s all this hustle and bustle for? To prepare for our very first Pop-Up Store!

Set to open in Santa Rosa Plaza, Sonoma County in California on November 15th, we’re beyond excited to be heading back to our old stomping ground, bringing that Global Groove magic with us.



Tassles tassles tassles! Greg loaded up with the tassel order for the Tree in Santa Rosa Plaza - opening Nov 15!

Opening a pop-up store is a very cool opportunity for us. Not only will we get to connect with a bunch of interesting people in Sonoma County, but we’ll be able to really give people a tangible sense of the impact of their spending choices over the holidays.

We’ll be able to tangibly showcase the beautiful handiwork of our Thai and Nepali artisans, and help people to become truly involved with where their goods come from.

The pop-up store is going to be a hub of activity in Santa Rosa Plaza. On top of doing a bustling trade leading up to holidays, we’ll be running yoga classes and connecting with yoga teachers in the area for training.

The store will be full of our gorgeous products, with the perfect give for everyone on one of our shelves. We’ll be doing giveaways and social media contests, and inviting people from the mall and local community to get involved. 

Now, we’re going to be keeping everyone up to date about how the pop-up space is coming along via our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We’ll be adding new pics each week of what we’ve been up to and what’s happening on the ground, so make sure you’re following us at www.facebook.com/globalgroovelife and www.instagram.com/globalgroovelife too.

As the opening date draws closer, we’ll be releasing more details about our hours and all the activities that will be going on in-store, along with these photo updates. If you’ve got questions, comments or ideas about the store, just pop a comment on any of the photos & we will get back to you.

We hope you’re as excited as we are & we’re so looking forward to seeing all you Californians when we hit the ground!

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