7 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

7 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

Fair Trade strikes a chord with many people. For some, it’s a clear-cut choice of buying responsibly. For others, it’s a way to stick it to the man. For others still, it’s a choice born of extensive research, a deep passion for the environment, or a love of unique handmade goods.

There are many reasons to buy Fair Trade - just as many reasons as there are people. In this article, though, we are covering the top 7 reasons to buy Fair Trade. Feel free to jump to our Facebook page and leave a comment about what motivates you to buy Fair Trade!



1 Buying Fair Trade goods changes the producer's life for the better.

Their work creates a livable income for them and their families. It allows them to go to work every day in a safe & hospitable environment - not to struggle for cents in dangerous conditions.

2 Fair Trade production is sustainable and environmentally aware.

Fair Trade products use a significantly lower amount of harmful components, as it is not in the interest of the producer to be handling them all the time. The elements of Fair Trade goods are generally sustainable produced and are often locally sourced. In turn, this creates an economic onflow in local community while preserving and even restoring the local environment.

3 Fair Trade products are usually better quality.

Production lines in factories or mass-production sites often lead to a low build quality compared to handmade goods.  Fair Trade businesses can offer closer quality control throughout the process, because their workers are not racing unreasonable deadlines. This slower pace of production leads to fewer mistakes, which in turn reduces wastage and lost revenue.

4 Fair Trade encourages communities to become self-sustaining.

In many communities, moving away from aid assistance is a real turning point. Fair Trade helps facilitate this, because as more people are involved in work that provides a livable income, subsistence becomes less and less of an issue. Community members are empowered to take responsibility for the economic and cultural growth of their businesses, and this creates a cycle of increased living conditions, confidence and business success.

5 Fair Trade helps to maintain cultural integrity and long-standing traditions.

In many communities, financial insecurity means that people are forced to leave their ancestral homes to seek work in the big cities. This disconnects them from the beliefs, traditions and rituals that give them a unique and powerful identity.

Fair Trade businesses can create enough income that people no longer have to move away, meaning that they can maintain the important cultural elements of their community. This is particularly important with the rise of globalisation - as young people are drawn towards the global way of living, it’s key that they also have a connection with their history, so that the traditions of their ancestors are not lost.

6 Fair Trade reduces the incidence of gender inequality through the economic empowerment of women.

When women have the opportunity to make a living wage as is provided by Fair Trade, they are empowered to make independent decisions and to improve the lives of their families. By increase the total household earnings, their work often provides the income necessary to give children an education, and can mean the ability to care for extended family members in need.

7 Fair Trade increases diversity in the marketplace while holding corporations to a higher standard.

Transparency and a high level of social responsibility have, until recently, not been priorities for corporations and large businesses. The rise of Fair Trade and ethical consumption concerns have meant a shift in attitudes, though, and corporations are being called on to be more open and trustworthy in their dealings with producers and in their use of resources. As the Fair Trade movement grows, it is creating a social pressure that companies will have to acknowledge if they are to stay competitive in a society of conscious consumers.

It’s clear that there are many reasons to buy Fair Trade goods. But tell us - why do you buy Fair Trade products? Tell us here! 

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