Yoga Ball Covers Brings Balance to Room Decor and More...

Replacing my normal desk chair with a yoga ball was probably the best thing I ever did for my posture and balance, well besides yoga itself!  I was introduced to my yoga ball by my doula who recommended I use it as a birthing ball.  Little did I know how useful my ball would be in regaining my pre-pregnancy figure!  Aside from the exercises, my ball kept me posture-perfect while nursing and when baby #2 came along, well, the only way to get her to sleep was to bounce her on the yoga ball........for hours. 


While I was completely sold on my very versatile solve-it-all yoga ball, I wasn't quite sold on its aesthetic value.  So you see, we had a very real love-hate relationship.  Because that thing is just downright hideously ugly.... and it's plastic..... and it picked up every cheerio crumb and cat hair from my beautiful hard wood floors!  And well, I kinda, sorta have this thing about my house coordinating!  Something just had to be done.


That's when I started designing and developing yoga ball covers.  The first covers the Global Groove Fair Trade artisan team made here in Thailand are a luxurious investment, retailing at $299.  Considering it takes four eight-hour days and 10 yards of fabric to make just one, it's a pretty good deal for such unique sculptural opulence.  

However after five years of producing the “royal” yoga ball covers, and five years of my friends asking for a more affordable version, Global Groove designs for life has developed again, the only fair trade yoga ball cover on the market.  All-natural, 100% cotton, machine washable---you can cover up that plastic and get fancy for just 42 bucks.





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I am seeking everywhere to buy the tufted yoga ball cover, similar to the orange one you have pictured above? do you still sell this more deluxe version? And if so, do you have any in a dark color? I saw one in an office that was covered in this same type of design, only gray – it looked like a ball of solid lava. I loved it. Would be happyto buy one if you have any in stock. Do let me know, thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Leslie

Leslie Harlib

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