Finding Your Inner Peace Anywhere

Finding Your Inner Peace Anywhere

Is your life a bit hectic at times?
Have you heard that yoga and other meditative practices can help you relax and feel better?
Do you have trouble finding the time to fit yoga or meditation into your busy schedule?
Does the struggle to find time to relax stress you out even more?
If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above questions, welcome to the club! If you didn’t...please...teach us your ways!
While the search for a well­balanced life forges on, here are a few tips on finding little pauses throughout the day to take a deep breath and find your inner peace anywhere!


1. When you wake up

Sleep is precious. A lucky few are able to wake up early and do yoga or some other exercise before getting ready for work, but for those of us clutching to every last second of that REM cycle, it’s just not realistic. No need to despair, however, because you can practice mindfulness in your PJ’s! Take a few moments upon waking to sit up, take some deep breaths, and set some goals for the day. If goal number one is to have a few moments to center yourself at the start of the day, you’ll already feel accomplished when your feet hit the floor! For a more active alternative, get out of bed and do some simple yoga poses, such as planks or sun salutation, to get that blood flowing.

2. When you’re stuck in traffic

Few things are more chaotic and stress­inducing than traffic, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. When you’re crawling along at 5mph (or at a complete standstill), instead of panicking, remember your stress is not going to change the situation. Take a moment to appreciate the collective struggle of your fellows, as each of your individual stories have currently intertwined into one. Nothing is a reminder of how small we are, and of how we’re all part of something much larger than ourselves, quite like looking at the car next to you and realizing that the person driving it has an entire world that exists separately from yours...and so do the drivers of all the
other cars around you. Those horns are starting to sound a bit like a symphony, aren’t they?

3. When you hit that mid­-afternoon wall at work

You didn’t even have time for a lunch break, so what do you do at 3pm when your brain has completely checked out? Instead of getting sucked into a clickhole on the internet, spend a few minutes stretching in your office. Get that blood flowing! Maybe you took our advice (link to article) and have a yoga ball in your office; now would be a great time to use it. It’s no secret that these short, mind­refreshing breaks will help you feel better and be more productive when you get back to the grind.

4. When you sit down to dinner

Family dinners are coming back into style, as we’ve all started to realize how having a dedicated time together during day brings us together. They may still be a bit rushed as they’re squeezed in before, after, or between dance practice, Spanish club, and all of our (and our children’s) other activities, but this family or friend time is perfect for taking a few minutes to pause and reflect. Go around the table sharing good things that happened during the day, or just take a moment to look around at your loved ones and give silent thanks.

5. Before you go to sleep

It’s all too easy to crash into bed after a long day, but it’s a great opportunity to grab that zafu and meditate. How did you do on your goals for the day? What are you looking forward to or planning for tomorrow? Spending time organizing these thoughts in a dedicated space will make sure they don’t follow you into your bed! Now is also a good time to fit in a few yoga stretches to help release the tension that builds up during the day. Nothing fixes the tightness in your shoulders after a day at the computer quite like child’s pose!

What do you do to fit yoga or other meditative practices into your busy schedule? Share in the comments!

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