Behind the Scenes


 is always a solution here at Global Groove Life. 

After three years in Thailand, we at GGL found that hill-tribe women tailors often move back to their native villages after getting married. With several years of valuable training and experience acquired in or close to Chiang Mai, these tailors leave much needed stable incomes behind when they move back to their traditional way of life in remote villages (Karen and Hmong hill tribes).

Our solution was to start delivering the supplies, materials, equipment, and designs to villages one to four hours outside of the city.  The tailoring co-ops we work with are in outlying areas of Chom Thong and Doi Inthanon national park, northern Thailand. 
By providing consistent orders along with fair wages for their skills and experience, Global Groove Life contributes to the preservation of indigenous traditions and values while enabling tailors to work in the comfort of their own homes.


Join us on some of our village delivery trips by checking out our videos!


 Cross Cultural Co-creative Club House

Art design process cushion cover and home decor for the club house in chiang mai


Global Groove Life village tailoring co-ops, northern Thailand


Yoga Ball Covers

See how our yoga ball covers, or balance ball covers, make it from the workshop to the living room in this short intro video.

Yoga ball covers from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Fashion Revolution Day, Chiang Mai

April 24th marked the first anniversary of the disaster in which 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many more were injured.

Here are our highlights from the first awareness campaign of its kind to take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thanks to Harry Mcilroy for organizing this great event.


Fashion revolution Chiang Mai from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.



High in the hills at a Lawa ethnic minority village, Doi Inthanon, northern Thailand

This was July, 2013 in case you're confused by the opening credit typo.

A weekend with Global Groove Life from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Meet Ahsu, our awesome jewelry maker

Jewelry production, Northern Thailand from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Boozik – bamboo iPhone amplifier, Fair Trade amplifier

Use it to amplify your skype conversations, too!

boozik from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Tibetan-style incense – Kathmandu, Nepal

How is this fair trade all-natural incense made???

Tibetan Incense production from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Screen printing – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Check out the Fair Trade T-shirt production!

Fair Trade T-shirt screen printing from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.