Top 10 Fair Trade Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

Top 10 Fair Trade Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

‘Tis the season for celebration, connection, and sharing the love! A time of giving and receiving gifts. Show your loved ones that you appreciate them with heartfelt tokens of affection. In this post Global Groove Life (GGL) shares our personal fair trade favorites - the top 10 stocking stuffers to satisfy everyone’s unique needs on your list this year.

As we mentioned above these are GGL’s favorites and we’ll be suggesting specific items for each category. If you like the gist of what we’re saying but not the particular object mentioned, go ahead and get your Goldy Locks on - peruse the section of the GGL site that item comes from to find something that’s just the right fit for your situation!

Know Your Audience

When it comes to giving gifts of any size, it’s all about knowing your audience. Your friend who is really into yoga and physical fitness will be much more excited to receive a yoga mat carrying bag than someone who doesn’t practice yoga. That’s a really obvious example but it’s important to keep in mind when looking for presents your friends will really love.

Sunflower Headband

The Kiddos

In an era of electronic everything and throwaway toys and fashion, we can be the change we wish to see in the world and encourage the youth in our lives to do the same by giving fun presents that won’t be plugged in or thrown away any time soon!

For the little ones who love to put things away and take them back out, over and over, and over. Let’s be real, we all know at least one kid who could do this for hours on end and never get bored! GGL carries an assortment of adorable felted coin purses for just such an inclination. We especially love this Bee Zipped Coin Purse - or the Bird Zipped Coin Purse - both bonus as a pencil case! And who can resist that Pug? They're all just so darn cute!

Bee Purse  

For the mini fashionista who loves to dress herself we recommend a floral headband. These Sunflower Headbands are hand felted and add a pop of color to any outfit. As a bonus they may also help you locate your child while traveling. They’re sure to be a big hit with your mini model and draw oohs and ahhs from her adoring audience.

And if you want to steal the show, the fairy house (and extra fairies) are gifts that are small, light, adored and pack well. They're perfect for any travel, be it an airplane trip or a simple trip to the grocery store! 

The BFF  

First things first - remember that you’re purchasing a gift for them not for yourself! This means that if you get along swimmingly but don’t have similar taste - choose something you know they’ll like, not something you think they should like. That being said, if you both share similar senses of style, likes, and dislikes then sometimes giving a present that you’d love to receive can be right on the mark!

Just make sure you aren’t secretly (or not so secretly) coveting the beautiful gift you’ve given to your family member or bestie. If you feel like that might happen then take appropriate action to avoid the situation by also getting a similar - or the same - item for yourself to enjoy. Sharing matching best friend, mother daughter, or father son accessories can add a deeper layer of meaning and enjoyment to your gift. Since everyone’s tastes are different we’ll leave this one up to you. Keep in mind that presents that build on past experiences or carry the intention of supporting new endeavors can be especially meaningful.

The Music Lover

They’re dancing or tapping their feet wherever they go. They love to listen to their favorite albums on the go, have set playlists for every occasion, and want to make sure that you’ve heard the newest song from their favorite artist. Your music loving friend or family member brings a lot of joy and energy wherever (s)he goes!

You can support them on that mission with GGL’s popular travel bamboo amplifier! These Boozik portable amplifiers are the next generation of sustainable technology! They don’t require batteries, are made of bamboo, and come in a variety of colors. This gift will allow your friend to share their passion for music with others anywhere they go!

Bamboo Amplifier

The Yogi or Yogini

Many of us have a special person in our lives who is super interested in yoga. These folks are interested in self awareness and improvement. Most people are familiar with the physical practice of yoga - the asana or positions that yogis flow through - but there’s much more involved than meets the eye of the casual observer.

Meditation, breathwork, and personal commitments to live according to the eightfold path are all parts of a yogic practice, too. Our yogini friends likely go to classes (or teach classes) regularly or may have more of a home based practice. Whatever their yogic style, that special yogi or yogini in your life would absolutely appreciate receiving your support via a useful present.

GGL carries an assortment of yoga mat bags that will help any yogi get to their practice in style and comfort. We especially like these Ganesha Yoga Mat Bags. The design is beautiful and evokes the presence of Lord Ganesha into your special yogini’s life. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles who lights the way for the soul’s advancement. If you're looking for something smaller our selection of hand rolled Tibetan Incense is not only perfect but the package will smell good, too! All of these are the perfect gift that any yogi would love to receive!

Perfect gifts for your yogi or yogini friend are these chakra bracelets! They're bright, beautiful, and have the added bonus of balancing the chakras (energy centers in the body). Show your friends you care about their passion for yoga with a gift that supports their advancement and growth!

Ganesha Yoga Mat Bag 


The Boho Babe

You’ll know right away who in your life is the boho babe - or babes - because they’re free spirited, fun loving, and always experimenting with eclectic looks. If you’re interested in giving a gift that will help your boho beloved create the perfect bohemian home style check out (this post).

On the other hand, a personal style present will also go a long way with your boho friends. Something important to keep in mind with this particular style is that there isn’t one specific look that is boho. There are a few tell tale keys though. Things like bold colors and patterns, mixing and matching, and hippy-esque breeziness will point you in the right direction. We love all the fringe especially the sassy Flamenco Fan Earrings ,  The Fringe Earrings and our tassel zipper pull key chains. They add flair to any boho outfit!

The Grounded Man

We all love and appreciate the men in our lives - but sometimes it can feel like a challenge to shop for them! Especially when they say that gifts aren’t important to them or when they don’t give many clues about what they want. This is where some investigative work comes in handy.

What types of clothing or accessories do they already wear? Are any of those things getting a little old? A replacement of a favorite item may be very well received. You can also show them you care by adding a small accessory to the existing wardrobe. We especially love this Vegan Wrap Bracelet in the Wise Truth style. The bracelet has an understated color scheme, a subtle look, and great energy! Or for the more rugged fella, our Renaissance Wrap is ever popular and of course we have our Tribal Chief Wrap for our men who prefer just a bit more flare! .  Any which way you go, all of our Men's Wraps are artisan crafted from vegan leather and other sustainable materials.

Mens Vegan Wrap      

The Cat Lover

I’m pretty sure that most people have at least one “crazy cat lover” in their relationship circle. For my circle, I am that crazy cat lover! For those of us who are dedicated to our feline friends, we’re usually seeking ways to create more comfort and connection for our little furballs.

Of course cats love toys to play with and their human companions may like to have a scratching post or some other useful item around. Unfortunately a lot of pet products on the market are mass produced under questionable conditions and made from materials that may or may not be toxic to the environment and pets.

GGL has the ethically created gift that will keep both your favorite cat lover and their kitties purring with contentment - cozy and cute Cat Caves that come in a variety of colors and shapes to blend right in with any decor. Not only will the mini lions (cats) love these new dens, their owners will enjoy the felted cuteness and knowing that their beloved cats feel safe and at home in their new non-toxic digs. These cat caves can also be perfect hideaways for small dogs!

Cat Den

The Sophisticated Lady

These ladies come in all ages, shapes, and sizes but what they have in common is a sense of style and value. They love to give and receive high quality gifts. With widespread knowledge about conflict diamonds available the world over, a girl’s new best friend is a fair trade accessory!

GGL recommends our Hill Tribe Silver Lotus Hoop Earrings for the sophisticate in your life. They’re artisan-crafted from fine sterling silver (99.3 percent pure silver to be exact) by the Karen ethnic minority group in Thailand. The beautiful lotus imagery signifies purity and the ability to rise above the mud in life.

Silver Lotus Earrings        

The Person Who Has Everything

This is by far the hardest group of people to shop for - the friends or family members who claim to (or do) already have everything they want. They bring up an interesting conundrum because of course they still want to be recognized with a present just as much as you want to give them something meaningful.

We could say a lot with this but we’re going to keep it really simple instead. Go with a gift card! It’s a surefire way to please them. They can either buy something they really want with it or use it to get something for somebody else - which can really come in handy, especially in a pinch! You can purchase a GGL gift card in amounts from $10 - $100 here.


We know that the holiday season can be filled with both the joys of giving and the stresses of shopping. It’s our hope that this list of the top 10 fair trade stocking stuffers has helped you to narrow down your search! Even though parts of the holidays can be ugly, you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part to create a better, more just and fair world when you shop fair trade for your presents!

Amara EvansAmara Evans is a vibrational healer, collective consciousness-raiser, writer, and devotee of the Goddess. She loves to connect with her global community through writing and speaking about important topics like the environment, spirituality, and fair trade.

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