Take A Walk On The Boho Side

Take A Walk On The Boho Side

Embrace a boho chic style that expresses your unique tastes and inspirations. You can live the life you love while you’re globe-trotting and when you’re enjoying the comforts of home by incorporating vibrant decor into your space!

La Vie Boheme

Stereotypes about the bohemian lifestyle abound. Writer Sarah Thornton reminds us that “Parisians originally adopted the term, associated with nomadic Gypsies, to describe artists and writers who stayed up all night and ignored the pressures of the industrial world.”

The best thing about this style? There is no “box” to stay inside of! Each bohemian space is an individual expression - as unique as the free spirits who are drawn to this type of aesthetic. You can choose to dabble with a pop of bright color or jump in fully, filling every nook and cranny with eclectic treasures.

Whether you’re redesigning your whole house or are searching for a few of the perfect accent pieces, Global Groove Life has you covered with an abundance of fair trade goods in the Home Style section of our website.

More Is More

When it comes to boho decor more is more! That means more rich textiles, more tribal accents, and more patterns can weave together to create a cozy vibe in your nest. So have fun and let your imagination soar! Experiment with introducing different combinations of hues and prints into your living space.

Adorning your space with bright colors and rounded shapes can create a haven of comfort and style. Strands of bright pompoms bring a curtain of juicy color and delightful texture to any room. Bohemian living entices us to expect the unexpected and expand our style horizons.


Mix & Match

Do you love the rich color palettes of indigenous embroidery from one part of the world and the standout patterns that create an entirely different look and feel? Great! Mixing and matching - or even clashing - are all celebrated when you choose to go with a boho decor. So go ahead, expand your sense of style.

Add one of our patterned yoga ball covers to any room and invite friends and family to find comfort in new ways when they come over for a visit. GGL has plenty of multi-tonal yoga ball cover choices that will keep you feelin groovy in your home. Your living room can be a happily full reflection of your internal joy and excitement.

Plush Orange Yoga Ball Cover

Feeling inspired to recreate your living space as a plush boho wonderland? Check out these bold patterned cushion covers. There are so many ways to display your well-traveled, interesting, and ethically sound aesthetics with your home style choices!

“‘Style’ is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma,” John Fairchild. GGL encourages you to be bold, be expressive, be you!


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