Live Boho Bold With The Color Of The Year

Live Boho Bold With The Color Of The Year

You’ve heard of resolutions and intentions for the year. Perhaps you’ve found encouragement with a personal mantra for an annual cycle. In 2018 Global Groove Life is encouraging you to step boldly forward on your eclectic path empowered by the color of the year - ultra violet!



Ultra violet is an ultra bold color that adds a pop of power and color to any wardrobe. Go all out by creating an entire outfit in this regal shade or add a sense of allure to your look with mysterious purple accessories. Our Tribal Spiral Tassel Earrings frame your face in vibrant fringe and are sure to be a conversation starter - which will of course allow you to share the fair trade love when you tell them your earrings were handmade in Thailand!

Tribal Spiral Tassel Earrings

The beautiful hill tribe embroidery and trim on this London Rose Embroidered Bag ensure that your bag will never be mistaken for anyone else’s. It’s a dramatic piece worthy of your - and other folks’ - admiration!

Purple London Rose Bag

Just think about all the uber famous artists who’ve made purple their thing in the past: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie so you can channel your inner enigmatic rockstar while rocking this shoulder bag. Incorporate ultra violet into your wardrobe to express your radical individuality to the world.

A Royal Hue


Rock royalty aren’t the only ones using the power of purple - this tone has long held royal implications back to the days when kings and queens ruled all the land. Imperial families adorned themselves in sumptuous shades of violet to display their wealth and stature. You can embody all the best parts of the empress or emperor archetype by adding rich purples to your living space.

Create a plush room in your palace with ultra violet accented pillows. Take advantage of this Purple Embroidered Lotus Cushion being on sale. Pair it with another bold pattern like this Hmong Hill Tribe Cushion for a fresh vibe that clearly says “boho queen” not “let them eat cake.” Because that’s not a good look on anyone.

Purple Portal

Something that is a good look on everyone on the other hand is more mindfulness. Purple is one color often associated with spirituality and higher consciousness. It’s a color of the crown chakra, the portal or gateway to connection with spirit.


The imagery of a thousand petaled lotus unfolding at the top of your head is a lovely thought you can introduce into your mind then let go of, relaxing the brain into a meditative state. GGL has an array of meditation cushions for your sitting pleasure, including this Faux Suede Flower Of Life Meditation Cushion in 2018’s color of the year. If you’re interested in something slightly more subtle and less bright check out this one with an embroidered yantra instead. Adding ultra violet power to your meditation may just be the perfect boost to your practice!

Flower of Life

Purple Yantra

Cosmic Mystery

Beyond the spectrum of light visible to the human eye, ultra violet invites us all to imagine beyond what we currently know. It invokes the deep mystery of the cosmos - breathtaking, vast, unexplored, inspiring. In these times we’re living in the whole world can benefit from each of us taking a step back to widen our perspective and consider a new reality with humanity moving forward together.


Executive director of the Pantone Color Insitute (creators of the Pantone color of the year) says, “From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

What do you believe is yet to come in 2018 and beyond? Share your insights in a comment!


Amara EvansAmara Evans is a vibrational healer, collective consciousness-raiser, writer, and devotee of the Goddess. She loves to connect with her global community through writing and speaking about important topics like the environment, spirituality, and fair trade.

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