Global Groove Life Gift Guide

October 05, 2016

Global Groove Life Gift Guide

Global Groove Life’s One Stop Holiday Shop: Yogi Edition 

The holidays are here and nothing makes stress levels rise more quickly than struggling to find a present for everyone on your list. Global Groove Life is here to make conquering gift giving as easy as folding into child’s pose.

Got someone obsessed with yoga in your life? Satisfy this aspiring yogi with these conscientious and groovy products! Not only will these gifts enhance passion for yoga, but they will also reflect the shared heart of fair trade and yoga—both honor the spirit of the self and others. 


For Those Who Ball with Style

Offered in an assortment of bold prints and colors, the yoga ball cover is the perfect statement piece to spice up their office or exercise routine. This versatile present will transform those unsexy, rubbery spheres into works of art. 


Balance Ball / Yoga Ball Stretch Cover: Emerald Forest


For Those With Restless Feet and Wandering Thoughts

If your yogi has uttered “Namaste” all over the world, chances are they will appreciate a journal to record their adventures in new places, yoga tips and tricks, and colorful memories. Help them stay on trend with these lotus cover diaries.


Flower of Life Journal (Small): Green


For Those Seeking Harmony With a Sparkle

Chakras are the body’s energy centers, and yoga has a unique way of balancing those chakras to help people feel more grounded and joyful. Encourage your yogi to take it to the next level with these Tassel and Stone Charm Silk bracelets, designed to help realign and free up any blocked Chakras.


Tassel and Stone Charm Silk Bracelet: Tiger Eye


For Those Who Should Sit in Splendor

Add a pop of color and comfort to their lotus poses with these fashionable meditation cushions! Crafted from traditional Thai fabrics, these zafus can multitask as both meditation aids and home décor with a touch of Zen.

Zafu Cushion in Faux Suede


For Those Who Want to Keep It Tame

Crunching down into warrior stance is much easier when hair is behaving, so gift these Flower of Life headbands to ease their asana transitions. Whether used as a casual fashion statement or a workout accessory, these cotton stretch headbands are sure to please your favorite yoga enthusiast.


Flower of Life Yoga Headband: Orange

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