Embrace The #MAMALOVE: Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts

Embrace The #MAMALOVE: Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts

Moms work hard every day - and night - of the year. They give so much of their time and energy to others. Doesn’t it feel so nice to be able to give back to the ones who gave us the greatest gift of all: life?! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Global Groove Life (GGL) has your back with fair trade goods that suit all moms everywhere … and also honor mother Earth with sustainable practices!

Happy Mother's Day

Did you know that GGL is a family-owned business? Gina is our boho boss mama extraordinaire behind most of the designs you see here. GGL also employs several mothers in Thailand and Nepal who bring our designs to life through their handicraft. Thank you to all the mothers who make GGL possible!

To pay homage to all the amazing mothers out there, GGL is offering free shipping and a surprise gift package with all USA orders above $50 until May 13th - just use the code MAMALOVE at checkout! Surprise your groovy mama with some fair trade love from our mama artisans in Thailand and Nepal! Join the #MAMALOVE club and celebrate your mama with the groovy products she deserves.

A gift she'll love

Each and every mother is a unique woman (just like all the other beautiful humans on this planet) so each has her own interests and a different preference for which types of gifts they prefer to receive. Gift-giving is an art form. To give a gift that will be well received you have to understand what makes the person tick. Read on for GGL’s handy list of our top picks of presents that will please all types of mothers.

For The Yogini Mom

Yogini Mom

If you’ve got a yoga-loving mom in your life this can be a great area to focus on when thinking about what to give her. Often a yoga practice starts out with minimal accessories and the amount of props that people use grows over time. Your yogini friend (yogini is the female version of the word yogi - someone who practices yoga) probably already has a yoga mat since that’s what gets used for physical practice (A.K.A. asanas or positions) but she may not have other yoga related items that will make her life easier.

Clay Peacock Yoga Mat Bag

For example, a yoga mat bag is a great tool for any yogi or yogini but especially for a busy mom. These bags can be hung over the shoulder and allow people to carry a yoga mat while still having the full use of both hands… so clutch for mothers! Global Groove Life’s yoga mat bags also include a side pocket for money, phone, keys, etc. to be stored in while mom is at yoga class. They’re easy to clean in case of any spills that might occur and come in a fun assortment of colors and patterns. The Clay Peacock Yoga Mat Bag and Teal Flower of Life bag are a few of our favorites. You can see the full array here: Yoga Mat Bags.

Flower of Life Yoga Bags

Support your favorite yogini mom’s devotional practice with a wrist mala. These bracelets are stylish and are designed with seeds and crystals specifically chosen for their metaphysical properties that boost a spiritual practice or intention. Wrist malas can be worn throughout the day or night as a beautiful accessory that’s doubles as a reminder that all of life is sacred. Our wrist malas are particularly nice because they’re short enough that they can be worn during an active yoga session without getting in the way. We really love the Lotus Pod Seed Wrist Mala Set for its simple elegance and power to align whoever wears it with enlightening energy.

Wrist Mala

Another lovely adornment with deeper meaning that a yogini mom will appreciate is the Rudraksha Tassel & Sandalwood Necklace. It features a polished himalayan rudraksha seed as focal point. The word rudraksha derives from Rudra (a name for Lord Shiva) and Aksha (tear) – “the fruit born of the tear of Lord Shiva." Several tassels hang from this sacred sandalwood beaded necklace.

Rudraksha Tassel Necklace

For The Eco Savvy Earth Lovin’ Mamas

Do you have an eco savvy partner, friend or mom to buy gifts for? We understand the unique challenges that come with this territory! Finding the right balance of a fun gift that is also sustainably made can be a challenge sometimes. GGL is certified by the Fair Trade Federation which means we meet strict ecological as well as transparency standards. We’ve got all sorts of items in our shop and some stand out when it comes to the area of sustainability.

Eco friendly mom

Depending on how into being green they are, sometimes it’s most appropriate to find a gift that doesn’t include animal products of any kind. If that’s the case for you then we recommend the Vegan Nagaland Attache Case. This bag is a great combination of function, fashion, and sustainability.

Vegan Bag

Our Lotus Journals feature handmade mulberry paper. Mulberry paper-making - or saa paper as it is locally known - is a traditional cottage industry in northern Thailand. There is only one variety of mulberry tree used for the paper-making today and it grows abundantly in northern Thailand and also in neighboring Laos and Burma.

Lotus Journals

Another gift from the forests of Thailand is mango wood. Check out GGL’s Mango Music Acoustic iPhone Amplifier. The mango fruit harvest is an important source of income for farmers in northern Thailand so mango trees are planted yearly to replace harvested mango wood. This stunning acoustic amplifier is hand turned from a solid piece of sustainably harvested mango wood. It’s a useful idea for moms who value sustainability and also want to keep their families entertained.

Mango wood acoustic amplifier

If you’re looking for a small gift that you can buy multiple and hand out to your mom friends check out our HOPEsoap! They’re all-natural soaps made with pure essential oils. Rediscover the practicalities of soap on the rope with our refreshing and uplifting scents, all featuring mangosteen rind which is very high in anti-oxidants. These soaps are available in Lavender, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Oatmeal, Seaweed, Turmeric and Goat Milk with Honey.


For Travel Moms

All mothers are moms-on-the-go but some choose to go farther afield than others. Travel loving mamas have specific needs that you can help to meet. The gift of a travel appropriate bag will allow her to save more money for tickets, activities, and other travel expenses. Here are a few gifts that are perfect for the journey ahead:

Hmong Retreat Bag

Hmong Embroidered Retreat Bag
Not only is this bag visually stunning, it’s also the perfect size for a weekend getaway! Toss in a couple of sets of clothing, toiletries (see our next suggestion), and some snacks and go. This bag has a zipped main pocket with inside zipped pocket and two zip side pockets that are perfect for quick-reach items like an ID or phone. Easy-wipe and easy-see lining - essential for moms.

Flower of Life cosmetic bag

We also love this Flower of Life Cosmetic Bag - it’s a cute and practical gift! The flower of life is an ancient symbol of the underlying structure of the universe. This little bag has enough space inside for makeup and/or toiletries. It wipes clean easily and fits neatly inside other bags.

Beaded Tassel keychain

A fun accessory that anyone who loves travel will enjoy is a Beaded Tassel Key Chain. These key chains are great for fast identification of luggage as it’s coming around baggage claim. They come in several colors so you can choose her favorite or add a pop of a complementary color.

For Boho Mamas

For those truly quirky mamas out there a unique item can be way more meaningful than a more traditional approach of flowers and candy (GGL is in no way advocating for you to skimp on the chocolate!) If you’ve got a bohemian lady in your life consider giving her something that stands out from the crowd.

We love these bright Blossom Zippered Wallets that are hand made by the Hmong Ethnic Minority Group in the hills of Northern Thailand in traditional embroidered fabrics. The wallet includes a zipped center change pocket, sections for bills and receipts and a multitude of card slots! It also features bead and pom pom zipper pull.

Blossom Zip Wallet

Remember that for the boho mama, meaningful and interesting are more relevant than expensive and mainstream. That being said, many women really enjoy receiving jewelry from their loved ones. We’ve got the perfect combination of beautiful and deep for the bohemian moms out there: Tibetan Turquoise Earrings. They’ve got inlaid Bodhi seeds, a Tibetan prayer bead that represents awakening, turquoise to signify and attract abundance and truth, and lotus seeds that symbolize truth, beauty, purity and spiritual growth.

Turquoise Earrings

Is the boho mama in your life more into creating an inviting and visually stunning home space than personal adornment? If that’s the case then you can gift her with a patterned cushion cover that accents or contrasts her current decor theme. Here are two of our favorites and be sure to check out the cushions section of our website for many, many more options! Golden Thai Bolster Cushion Cover and the Kashmir Cross Stitch Cushion Cover in Lavender.

Golden Thai bolster

Lavender Kashmir Pillow

Don’t forget we have a special Mother's Day promotion running until May 13th, you can use the code MAMALOVE (for US orders above $50) and get:
- Free shipping AND...
- A surprise gift package valued at $35, including our bestseller incense sticks, two mini soaps, a yoga headband in the Pantone color of the year (purple!), a surprise bracelet and a tassel keychain!

Happy Mother's Day

Amara EvansAmara Evans is a collective consciousness raising writer, speaker, and sound healer who currently resides in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. She loves using her voice to inspire actualization of our full potential through sharing about nature, spirituality, and new paradigm community.

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