DIY Yoga Retreat at Home

DIY Yoga Retreat at Home

Daily life seems to go one hundred miles an hour. In between going to work, running errands, spending time with friends, and trying to get to all of those things that have seemed to permanently reside on our never-ending to-do lists, we so quickly get caught up in the juggling act of our routines. We push aside spending time on ourselves, saying that we will get to it later and that there are more important things to take care of. Heck, even making a one hour yoga class once a week seems to earn us a pat on the back. And a yoga retreat for a full weekend? Out of the question. Or so you thought. Here at Global Groove Life, we are going to tell you how to experience a yoga weekend retreat right where you are; no hefty price tag attached and no bags to pack. 

1. Identify your intention

When you start planning for your "at home yoga retreat", ask yourself what you are looking to get out of it. What do you hope to accomplish from the retreat? By setting your intention from the very beginning, you are defining your direction for the retreat.

2. Find yourself a space

And not just any space. Identify a space where you feel relaxed, feel like you can unwind, and feel like you can escape the chaos of your life. This should be a place where you will not be distracted by work, friends, etc, and should be a place that simply makes you feel good. This can be your living room, bedroom, back porch, garden, spot in a favorite neighborhood park or wherever you feel most relaxed and at ease. Remember, you want this to be a spot where you retreat from the real world.

3. Zen out your space

Jazz up your space! This is where you can get creative. Remove things that may distract you from your yoga of family and friends, to-do lists, work-related items, whatever it may be that does not fit the purpose of your retreat. Add in items that calm you down....candles, meditation cushions (you can find them here!), incense, or fun string lights. Remember, this is for YOU, so there is no wrong way to zen out your space.

4. Tell your friends and family what you are doing...and then turn off your phone!

Yes, we said it. Turn off that cell phone, close your computer and disappear from any kind of social media for the weekend. Social media will only provide distractions and even possibly evoke FOMO (fear of missing out). The total opposite effect of having an at home yoga retreat. But, make sure you tell mom, dad, your boyfriend/girlfriend and best friend what you are doing, so they know you're off the grid for the weekend.

5. Make a list of things you want to do over the weekend (when not doing yoga)

These should be things that help you get in touch with yourself. This weekend is all about you, so your to do list should be things that encourage self-awareness. This could include, journaling, reading a feel-good book, writing letters to the people that mean the most to you, and maybe even making that delicious quinoa recipe that you've been wanting to try out.

6. Read one quote every morning

We are total suckers for quotes, and what better way to start your retreat than reading a quote before your day begins. The quote will help set the tone for the rest of your day and bring you back to your original intention. Find some inspirational words that resonate with you.

7. Try to be health conscious during your "at home yoga retreat"

Hide the phone number to that local pizza place that you swear by and skip buying the rocky road ice cream. The retreat should be as much a physical cleanse as it will be a spiritual cleanse. While we all love a good piece of pizza, focus on the actual nutrients of what your body needs, and build your weekend menu off of that. Think fruits, veggies, nuts, green smoothies...your body will thank you :)

8. Now, YOGA

You don't have to be a certified yogi or have studied yoga in India to host your own "at home yoga retreat". In fact, you could be brand new to yoga and still host your own retreat. There are numerous yoga videos that can guide you through your poses, we recommend:

Make a realistic daily yoga schedule for yourself, and stick to it! This is the bread and butter of the whole retreat, isn't it? :) We recommend an hour of yoga practice, three times a day, but schedule what you’re most comfortable with.  

8. Post DIY Yoga Retreat  

You've successfully made it through your at home yoga retreat, and feel like you've been at an Ashram in India! Journal how you has the retreat helped you, did you like the retreat (be honest with yourself), how do you feel now in comparison to how you felt before the retreat and most importantly, did you achieve your intention. It's important to journal all of this before life begins again, because what you feel immediately after the retreat will be your true, unjaded thoughts.

We are bound to get caught up in life, no one is the exception to that. But for one weekend, we can take back our lives, take back our time, and for once, focus on the most important person in our lives, ourselves. 

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