Boho Bright Decor: How To Make Any Color A Neutral

Boho Bright Decor: How To Make Any Color A Neutral

You may have been told that neutral colors are limited to bland hues that will blend into the background. You know what we here at Global Groove Life have to say about that? BORING! As anyone who has visited a street market in India well knows - bright colors can match with each other in unexpected ways and can create an exciting foundation for an eclectic home design.


Many decorators choose to use traditional neutral colors - think beige, white, tan, taupe, grey, and ivory - as the backdrop for a dramatic feature in a room or as a soft, mellow quiet look all its own. If that’s what floats your boat then good for you. We personally find that to be a bit bland and we encourage you to consider incorporating bold colors into your design palette in place of those more subdued hues. Read on and enjoy Global Groove Life’s take on boho interior design.


A New Spin On The Classics

You can still use the same tactics with brights that you would use with more traditional neutrals. You may want to create a space that’s warm and cozy using several different shades of the same color - say pink or orange for example. Layer tones of peach, dusty rose, and brighter magentas for a pretty in pink fantasy. We love these pink accents that complete the look.

Pink Tribal Print Meditation Cushion

Pink Tribal Block Print Meditation Cushion

Confetti Melon Cushion Cover

Confetti Melon Cushion Cover

Or you could decide to paint your walls a luscious hue of orange then accessorize with bold patterns like these pillows. Accentuating the bright background with intricate patterns like this Blue Indigenous Geo Lumbar Cushion Cover is a fresh take on a style that’s been done over and over.

Blue Geometric Lumbar Pillow Cover

The Bold And The Beautiful

Patterns, patterns, patterns! Did we mention how much we love patterns? When a bright color is your “neutral” backdrop, bold markings are your best friends! Tribal woven motifs, sacred geometry, animal prints - take your pick! GGL has them all! Patterned throw pillows add plush comfort and build intriguing depth into your home design.

Here are a few of our favorites below:

Hilltribe Patchwork Pillow Cover - indigos
Hilltribe Patchwork Cushion Cover in Indigo tones

Blue and Gold Flower of Life Pillow Cover

Blue and Gold Flower of Life Lumbar Pillow Cover

No matter what your home’s colors are GGL has just the right pillow cover to mix a pinch - or a hefty dose - of boho flair into your space. We especially love bright tribal designs, woven fabrics, and tassels!

Outside The Box

Global Groove Life loves softening a room with spheres! Most rooms are some variation of a rectangle - very square and boxy. You can really transform the feeling of a space by including curves and circles in an otherwise rigid container. For example you can add a yoga ball to any room - it’s a comfy new seat that doubles as exercise equipment.

Black Forest Yoga Ball Cover
Black Forest Yoga Ball Cover

Imagine the magic you’ll feel as you walk through a curtain of cute pompoms into your favorite room. If you prefer leaving the walkways wide open try adorning a window with pompoms instead. Create a monochrome point of fluffy interest or build a rainbow with our array of colors.

Beaded PomPoms

Beaded Pom Poms

Back To Basics

When you use vibrant hues as your neutrals it opens up a whole new world of design possibilities! Instead of using a loud color as an accent you can bring it back to the basics with black and white focal pieces. We love this Black Jungle pillow

Black Jungle Cushion Cover
Black Jungle Cushion Cover

Have fun incorporating a color like navy blue that’s usually a subdued background element as a standout piece. This Navy Ikat yoga ball cover brings a rich feeling to any space. Use it to warm up your workout space, office, or living room.

Navy Ikat Yoga Ball Cover
Navy Ikat Yoga Ball Cover

What colors are you inspired to decorate your space with?

Amara Evans Amara Evans is a vibrational healer, collective consciousness-raiser, writer, and devotee of the Goddess. She loves to connect with her global community through writing and speaking about important topics like the environment, spirituality, and fair trade.

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