A Father’s Day Ode To Conscious Men

A Father’s Day Ode To Conscious Men

June is the perfect time to honor men because many people observe the Father’s Day holiday this month. Global Groove Life (GGL) is happy to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to fathers everywhere with an “Ode to Conscious Men” and some gift ideas that the awakened men in your life will be sure to love.

Honoring The Masculine

It seems that lately accolades for the rising feminine are easily available - they’re popping up everywhere and we think that’s great! We also understand that this movement of empowering the feminine and women couldn’t happen without the support from conscious men.

Is there an awakened man in your life? He is present - with you and everybody else. He is accountable for his actions and strives to align with the highest good of all. He is emotionally intelligent and communicative. He is dedicated to spiritual and physical practices. He is not threatened by other powerful people. He honors the sacredness of sexuality instead of objectifying women for pleasure. He supports and uplifts you. If you answered “yes” to any or all of these statements then you’ve got the blessing of a conscious man in your life.

Conscious Gifts

Likely what awakened fathers want the most for Father’s Day is quality time connecting with their loved ones. And it’s always nice to give to those we love to show them our appreciation! Here are a few of our suggestions for fair trade gifts that meet his needs for function and sustainability.

You can support the conscious father in your life’s spiritual practice and promote self care by gifting him a new meditation cushion. If he’s more of an always-on-the-go type try one of our handcrafted bags that will keep him organized while he’s on the move. Encourage him to enjoy life as much as possible with some wooden travel speakers - they’re one of our best-sellers so we’re sure that he’ll like them! We hope you’ve found some gift inspiration here and invite you to check out the men's section of our website for more great ideas. Read on here for an uplifting Ode to Conscious Men.


The Ode

We are so grateful to the awakened men of Earth! They are the game-changers, the family men, the conscious business leaders, the sustainability heroes of our time.

Thank you, conscious men of the world! Your ability to stand up in the fullness of your power is changing the planet. Your presence allows others - women, men, youth, and elders alike - to feel safe to express themselves.

Your strength, balanced with compassion and awareness, creates a container for your family and your community to thrive within. Thank you for instilling positive values by honoring the family - especially mothers, grandparents, and children.

Your clear vision and precise actions are hallmarks of inspiration. You model how to accomplish your dreams in a directed way.

Your respect for all life shines through in your commitment to live a sustainable lifestyle and in your acceptance of all people. Your influence radiates like a beacon to all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you enjoy a happy Father’s Day and know that you are loved every day!

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My girl and I are engaged. We don’t have kids, probably won’t. Missed that train years ago. We have two purebreed champ labs and two Maine coons with things that me (daddy) takes care of. Am I a father???


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