Identity Crisis: 15 Names for a Yoga Ball

Identity Crisis: 15 Names for a Yoga Ball

What’s in a name? We call it a yoga ball, but it’s so much more. For a tool as versatile as our favorite giant rubber spheres, it’s only fitting that there are as many as 15 recognized names for them, but how did it all start?

1. The Pezzi Ball

Whatever you call them today, a plastics manufacturer made the OG in 1963, intending it to be used as a toy. It wound up in Switzerland as a tool for patients with neuromuscular issues, where therapists and patients achieved great results.

 2. The Swiss Ball

When American physical therapists saw the benefits of the ball and brought it back to the US, they gave credit to the country where they first saw it in action.

3. Balance ball

Using a yoga ball promotes an enhanced sense of balance as you make small corrections in position to ensure you don’t roll over!

4. Stability ball

Balance and stability go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise this handle made the list. It’s also why so many people have started using yoga balls in addition to their office chairs.

5. Birthing ball

The yoga ball has helped usher thousands of baby yogis into the world, as many moms have started to turn to more natural positions and environments for the births of their children.

6. Body ball

It’s certainly not a football! The yoga ball’s size and intended use are for the health of the entire body, not just one part.


7. Fitness ball

Whether you use the ball for yoga, office furniture, or just a good old fashioned workout, the yoga ball is a great tool to help you stay in shape!

8. Gym ball

For those who opt for a more traditional gym setting, you’ll still often find a yoga ball among the free weights and other essential fitness tools.

9. Gymnastic ball

Not to be confused with the shorter “gym ball,” many gymnasts and tumblers make use of the yoga ball as well.

10. Physioball

One of the two closest links to the ball’s origin, the name physioball is a throwback to the yoga ball’s first days as a physical therapy tool.

11. Therapy ball

The other nod to the yoga ball’s origin. Of course, when you combine the two, you get physiotherapy ball!


12. Pilates ball

We may be yoga nuts over here at Global Groove Life, but we have lots of love and respect for our fellows who opt for Pilates!

13. Sports ball

Many athletic teams have found ways to incorporate the yoga ball into their routines to ensure strong, well-balanced athletes take the field on game day.

14. Swedish ball

Honestly, we did a lot of research on this one, and our conclusion is that this name just happened after enough people mistakenly said “Swedish” instead of “Swiss.” If you’ve heard otherwise, please share your knowledge in the comments!

15. Yoga ball

Our personal favorite, of course! We use the yoga ball in many of our exercises, and we love stepping up our style with Global Groove Life yoga ball covers!

What do you call your yoga ball? Share in the comments!

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