Out of the Box: 3 Unique Ways to Use Your Yoga Ball

Out of the Box: 3 Unique Ways to Use Your Yoga Ball

You probably know them as yoga balls, fitness balls, balance balls, or even birth balls. You've read the guides and watched the videos showing you how to use them, asking you to do squats, push-ups, bridges, curls, tucks and crunches. Maybe you've used yours to get your abs back, or improve your flexibility. Maybe after having one, you'd never do a workout without it. "They're so versatile!" you say, "I can use it for everything!"

It's true. They're remarkable tools. But we'll let you in on a secret: you can use them for so much more.

Let us show you five lesser known ways you can get value out of your balance ball using our yoga ball covers. We think you'll be surprised by just how useful these fitness classics can be!


1. Artful seating

Let's face it - yoga balls are ugly. They're usually a bright neon color, rubbery, sticky and big. We take our fitness balls out for exercise, and exercise only, and then promptly hide them back in the closet.  And for some, once that exercise ball is in the closet, it might never come back out again! We need the daily visual of the ball to remind us to actually use it for exercise. So how can we make a yoga ball something that we actually want to see taking up space in our homes?

Here's something that you probably haven't noticed about yoga balls:  their unique shape. "It's a sphere…lots of things are sphere," you'll say. But how often do you come across such a big, perfectly geometric shape in your daily life? Such shapes are rare, and visually appealing. Ask any interior designer. A balance ball has the ability to add a powerful dynamic to an otherwise drab room.

But of course, no matter how cool the shape, you can't call that neon, rubbery, sticky eyesore a piece of art just yet. You'll need to cover the ugly with something pretty. That's where our yoga ball covers come in. Made by local artisans in Chiang Mai Thailand, we truly believe our designs have artistic as well as functional value. Simply plop on a patterned cover or a fluffy fleece cover that matches the décor of your room, and voilà - you have a statement piece. 


2. Office Chair

We do a lot of sitting on our yoga balls when we're exercising, so why not do it while we're working too? Here are some great reasons to use your newly decorated fitness ball as an office chair:

  • It's fun! Ever get bored staring at your computer screen during the afternoon slump? Do a couple bounces on your exercise ball, and get yourself moving without even getting up. We all can relate to the simply joy of bouncing… now you can do it all day long!
  • It burns calories. According to a study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, sitting on a yoga ball burns 6% more calories per day than sitting on a regular office chair.
  • It improves posture. Without a back to lean on, sitting on a balance ball forces you to sit up straighter all day.
  • It makes stretching easy. Use  your "seat" as a true yoga ball for stretches during breaks from work. It'll not only make you feel better, but it'll get you mind flowing quicker.
  • It might even make you more productive. According to Sweat Science, in one study, men who were sitting on excercise balls typed 551 words in 20 minutes, while men who were sitting in a normal chair typed 519. 


3. Kids room decoration

Kids love yoga balls! They're fun to roll around, bounce on, and play with.  Plus, the right balance ball cover will add the perfect amount of color and excitement to your child's room.  Add some cheetah print for an animal lover, or a  bright purple fur cover for a sweet cuddle bug.


So there you have it. We hope whether you have an old yoga ball gathering dust in storage, or you've just purchased your first, you'll find our suggestions helpful in getting the most out of your fitness ball!

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