5 Ways to Do Home Decor with a Yoga Ball

5 Ways to Do Home Decor with a Yoga Ball

If you're looking for new ways to spice up your home decor endeavor, you're not alone. At GGL, we believe in the power of uniqueness as well as the pull of versatility, and a yoga ball appeals to both of those. By using your yoga ball in new and exciting ways, your space may just feel like new again.


1. Use Your Yoga Ball as a Statement Piece

Sure, the sight of a plastic yoga ball sitting in your living room is not exactly easy on the eyes. However, that doesn't have to be the way things are. When dressed in a ball cover, your yoga ball will be dressed for success.

Do the Decor: Simply follow the instructions to slip on your cover. When the time comes to set it out for all to see, you'll be confident that your yoga ball looks like a shining star. Choose a cover that meshes with the color schemes and energy of your home, and you'll be set up for success through every rising sun. No backstory or functional purpose is needed; let your yoga ball shine on its own, cover and all.


2. Supplement Your Seating for Functional Home Decor

To us, there are few things more exciting than a home space with a range of alternative seating options. For the sake of your guests and yourself, make the move to supplement your traditional seating with fun items like yoga balls.

Do the Decor: Cover your yoga ball for comfortable and stylish cushioning. Then, place it next to your loveseat, sofa or chaise lounge chair. As the guests trickle in, there'll be no shortage of seating, and the lot of you will feel excited about your ultimate hang out.


3. Kick Up Your Feet and Relax

So, Sunday rolled around, and you've got a book in one hand and tea in the other. No matter how much you try, you just can't seem to get comfortable, and we think we know why. What you're missing is—most likely—a place to kick up your tired feet and relax. Let a yoga ball take care of this for you.

Do the Decor: This one's easy. Place your yoga ball in front of your favorite lounging spot so that, when the need for relaxation hits, you're all set to chill. Don't forget to keep your favorite cozy beverage on hand, as well as a novel or even some Netflix (hey, who are we to judge?).


4. Keep a Few Yoga Ball Covers In Stock

We're no strangers to the need for something new. That's one of the many beauties of having a ball cover. When the urge for a fresh perspective hits, you can switch it up without having to get a whole new yoga ball.

Do the Decor: To start, choose two or three of your favorite colors and patterns. Pick the cover that sings to you to start out with, and keep the rest in safekeeping for future use. When you wish to change up the color scheme or pattern of your statement piece, strip your yoga ball and hand wash the cover. This easy and affordable method keeps your home decor as exciting as you.


5. Bundle Yoga Balls of Different Sizes

Your life doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all adventure, and neither does your home decor. By bundling yoga ball of different sizes in your personal space, you'll feel surrounded by unique and diverse home decor. It brings a sense of balance to your home decor style, and even offers a place to sit for every member of the family, big or small.

Do the Decor: Whether you want two or four yoga balls within your home, choosing different sizes is a fun way to mix up the batch. Traditional sizing ranges from 45 to 75 cm. Pick your favorites, then find a cover that fits each one. To us, the best part about bundling in this fashion is having the opportunity to collect different colors and patterns of ball covers.

Do Your Home Decor the Round Way

We're here to reaffirm what you may already know. Your home decor doesn't have to prescribe to someone else's sharp-edged style. With the multifaceted use of a yoga ball and any cover that speaks to you, you can do home decor your way.

If you find any other uses for your yoga ball in the home that serve to spruce up your space, let us know. We're always willing to try something new!

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