Exercise Ball Covers in All Patterns and Sizes

Exercise Ball Covers in All Patterns and Sizes

Global Groove has been providing color, pattern and texture options for exercise ball covers without delay.  If you are the proud owner of a 55cm, 65cm or 75cm exercise ball, then you have more than likely transformed your exercise or living space into something just a wee bit more palatable and groovy than the mood that the sticky, yucky plastic ball creates on it's own!  Maybe you have a fluffy fur exercise ball cover, or a racey animal print balance ball cover.  Maybe you've chosen a precious pink birthing ball cover, or funky swirl stretch cotton yoga ball cover.  Whatever your personal style may be, without a doubt that your personal space looks and feels a whole heap better now that your exercise ball is a functional piece of art and not an eyesore shoved behind the couch or in the closet!  

yoga ball covers patterns colours


But what about your smaller folks?  You've been asking and you've been waiting and lo and behold, you have been heard!  Global Groove is happy to announce that we have introduced exercise ball covers in the 45 cm size to accommodate healthy kids' decor too!  

Remember that the 75cm covers now come in a wide variety of options, too.  So, you six footers and up, time to get stylie and groove out your exercise ball cover!  Join us in fashionable living and shop for ball covers in all sizes here.


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How is it possible to get the pattern for a 65cm ball ?
Thank you for your response.


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