How to Put on Your Yoga Ball Cover

June 24, 2014

Fitting instructions:

Unzip your cover fully, then place the full circle piece of the cover on the top of the ball (where the plug is), and wrap the cover around the ball.

How to fit your yoga ball cover_1 from Global Groove - Designs for Life on Vimeo.

As you start to close the zip, smooth the fabric down from the top of the ball to eliminate any fabric creases.


Once the zip is closed about half way, start to pinch the seam of each section of fabric at it's widest part. Work your way around the ball from the furthest point from the zip, gathering and moving the slack from both sides towards the zip. 

fitting your yoga ball cover_2 from Global Groove - Designs for Life on Vimeo.

* Please note that the cover is designed to be a snug fit and will not fit any ball other than the 65cm size. Your ball should measure no more than 80" in circumference.


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