Zafus: Elevate How You Meditate

Zafus: Elevate How You Meditate

Meditation is about finding peace within, but with today’s busy and cluttered world giving us no peace from without, this has become increasingly difficult to do! Luckily, ancient zazen Zen meditation practices (and Global Groove Life) have given us the zafu!

The zafu is a small cushion with Japanese and Chinese origins, distinguishable by its size and construction. They are generally about 35 centimeters wide, made with two round pieces of fabric comprising the top and bottom, joined by a long rectangular piece around the middle.

Modern zafus have taken on a bit of decorative flair, and a good amount of variety can be found in Global Groove Life’s designs.

zafus colours

Our zafus are also made with beautiful fair trade Thai fabrics, so they’ll add glamor to your home style as much as they’ll add a spiritual safe space for your meditation needs! Get even more use out of your zafu by letting it decorate your couch, window sill, or ottoman when it’s not on the clock as your zen zone.

While we usually consider our homes our safe spaces, the connotations of certain areas often go overlooked until it’s time to find a corner for peace and quiet. The kitchen table is too busy and central, your desk holds all the stress of your work, your bed makes it too easy for reflection and meditation to turn into a nap ­so what are you to do? Elegant and comfortable zafus are the perfect solution to the anxiety you feel when you’re looking around for a place to clear your mind.

It’s no snafu; zafus are here to stay!

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