Chakra Bracelets

Global Groove

Balance your chakra bracelet collection. Friendship with intention, buy one for yourself or for your bestie.  No one knows her better than you!

Silk thread w. brass and semi-precious stone beads.

Garnet- Activates stability and security within oneself and presence in the here & now.

Carnelian-  Activates passion, intimacy and security in sexuality.  Free expression of feelings. 

Tiger Eye-Activates confidence and self assertion within groups.  

Malachite-Adctivates love, kindness, and compassion.

Turquoise-Activates ability to speak truthfully.

Sapphire-Activates intuition.

Amethyst-Activates true wisdom and being one with the world.

Fair Trade, Made in Nepal

Style #'s 11145-11151

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