Boozik iPhone Amplifier - Otter Compatible

Global Groove

We have modified the original Boozik to accommodate an Otter case by cutting a larger hole and adding an up-cycled motorbike inner tube sleeve.

Now the Boozik is organic and up-cycled all in one!

 Perfect for listening to music, Skype calls and videos, this 100% bamboo amplifier fits all iPhone models (3, 4, 5 AND 6) with an Otter case.

Slow oven-dried for extra strength and treated with water-based lacquer, the boozik makes a sturdy and portable iPhone companion.
Cordless, battery-free and complete with travel bag. Size: Approx. 9 inches = 22.5cm, this version of the boozik is slightly larger in diameter than the original.

boozik from Global Groove Life - Fair Trade on Vimeo.


Fair Trade

Made in Thailand 

SKU: UFO11, UFO12 & UFO13

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