Hand Rolled All-Natural Stick Incense


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  • ✨ These premium incense sticks are hand-made and hand-rolled, from all natural ingredients by expert artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal using traditional techniques for better form and effectiveness.
  • ✨ Each stick is hand-dipped in an optimal combination of safe and natural fragrances, with a unique bouquet of aromas coming from natural herbal extracts and essential oils.
  • ✨ The sticks are crafted with care according to Nepali tradition. Each individual package contains 15 sticks, which are wrapped to better preserve their original aromas in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly Lokta paper sleeve.
  • ✨A single incense stick smoothly burns approximately 45 minutes, giving you the spaciousness to enjoy your meditation practice, raise the vibration of your home, cleanse the space, create positive energy and calm your senses. These effects and the pleasant aroma will stick around long after the stick has stopped burning!
  • ✨ Fair Trade - Made in Nepal with love and care



  •  🎁 Have you tried our other fragrances? Each one has a distinct and individual flavor and our mixed packs enable you to try them all and choose your favorite! They are also a perfect gift idea: a gift of well-being, self-care and relaxation for your loved ones (...Easier than a SPA weekend)! Give the gift of some peaceful me-time to whisk them away from their stressful day. 



Made in Nepal

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Scent: Sandalwood
Package: 5-Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Kutza
Rich and decadent incense

Global Groove Life Nag Champa incense is richest and most delightful incense of this kind and scent. The product was shipped immediately!

Stephanie Brown

Hand Rolled Stick Incense